Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry | Was it a bad idea to read it at night?

Surprisingly this book had already been published, about a year ago, by a different publisher, but this edition was publsihed very recently – on 11th of April!

This is actually my first book by Lauren A. Forry and first “scary psychological thriller” in quite a long time. I read thrillers ALL THE TIME but they are usually not “horror scary”, more like “mystery scary”.  Continue reading “Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry | Was it a bad idea to read it at night?”


On a peaceful Saturday morning, after opening my eyes around 7 am and wishing to just fall asleep again (we all know that once you are awake, you are awake for good!), my first thought was: “Let me catch up on some booktube action from this week!”

And so I cuddled up with my tablet under a warm cosy duvet and started watching my favourite bookstagrammers. When video by MercysBookishMusings caught my attention! She was talking about something exciting that took place on the very same day! COSY READING NIGHT on February 11th! You can already imagine my excitement. Continue reading “What I Read During COSY READING NIGHT!”

Why do I love to be a Book Blogger

For my blog’s 1 year anniversary in the month of March I decided to share with you all the reasons why I love to blog. There is no specific date, but last month in 2016 was when I finally got over my fears and created this wonderful thing that consumes all of my free time!

This started of as “my own space where I can store all the memorable bookish moments” and turned out to be “thoughts shared with hundreds of other readers and book lovers” and that is truly wonderful! Continue reading “Why do I love to be a Book Blogger”

My Most Anticipated Releases | April 2017

April will be full of contemporary releases, that I am not super obsessed with. But I love doing this post because (A) they help me staying on top of new releases and (B) you guys love it as well.

This month I am picking up the most popular books that I might or might not get my hands on. Continue reading “My Most Anticipated Releases | April 2017”

March Wrap Up | 2017

Days are getting longer and brighter, there are so much more you can squeeze into 24 hours. That must be one of the main reasons why I love Spring so much. Spring usually came with greenness and flowers, rustling of new leaves and tweets, but since I moved to Portugal there is no distinctive season transition as I was used to before and I grew to love the daylight savings (the only change, besides temperature, that announces a new season).

Comparing to February, March was a “catching up” and “try to stay away from reading slump” month. I was able to catch up with my Classic a Month Reading Challenge, read some ARCs due in April and May, and just to enjoy my reading time overall. Continue reading “March Wrap Up | 2017”

Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo | Do not get fooled by the “light” cover!

Unforgettable experience of the most heartbreaking novel I’ve ever read. I might be exaggerating slightly but if you read it you’ll see what I am talking about. If was full of moments that ripped my heart in pieces (as well as my brain actually because it was hard to wrap my head around some things that happened, no spoilers here, but let me know in the comments down below if you know what I mean!). Continue reading “Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo | Do not get fooled by the “light” cover!”