Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar | One of my favorite tropes in thrillers!

Reading «Grace is Gone» reminded me of two very distinct things:

  1. why thrillers and mysteries used to be my favorite genres, and also
  2. why I stopped reading them. 

This might sound like I disliked this book, which is not true. But I can’t say that it was the best Mystery either, especially since I suspected from the very beginning what the twist will be, and patiently waited for my guess to be confirmed by the author.

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The Newest Additions to My Bookshelf | The "post" Christmas Bookhaul!

2020 started very well for my bookbuying addiction. I received a few books for Christmas, my “Black Friday” buys finally arrived, and I also treated myself to some more books from the thrift bookshop. I think I will need to implement a rule soon when it comes to book buying at the thrift shop – to only purchase new books after finishing the ones I bought. Otherwise, I can see my TBR shelf getting out of control very quickly.

As of right now, I have approximately 78 unread books on my physical TBR. Considering that I’ve been reading mostly ARCs and E-books in December and January, and probably will continue this trend in February and March, this will become a BIG problem in 2020.

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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott | The sweetest, most heartwarming book I’ve ever read!

I never thought that I would fall head over heels for the March sisters! Just a couple of chapters made me care deeply for Meg, Joe, Bess, and Amy, and I wished to be their friend, to see them grow up and set foot into adulthood! 

«Little Women» is a perfect book to read during childhood and early teens. And I’m actually sad for not reading it sooner. It is slightly “childish” in terms that the author feels the need to explain all the lessons to her audience, the hints and the acts would have been enough for me, but I do understand why the younger audience might need less subtle explanations.

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Ashlords by Scott Reintgen | The most epic phoenix horse racing!

If you haven’t read the Nyxia trilogy by Scott Reintgen, what are you doing with your life?! Scott Reintgen’s work deserves so much more attention than its getting, and I won’t get tired to spread the word about his amazing skills to write the most exciting YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy competitions!

Everyone who loves the Hunger Games, Divergent or The Maze Runner, YOU NEED TO READ THE NYXIA TRILOGY. And after you are hooked, just as I am, immediately pick the first book in his new YA duology – «Ashlords»!

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New Favorite Authors of 2019 | Ft. Books I’m planning to read in 2020!

When I just started this blog, I didn’t even know that it was possible to read books from so many different authors. My reading mentality back then only allowed me to buy and read books from my favorite authors, or re-read all the books I already owned.

I remember how much I loved going to book shops when I was a teenager, browsing through all the new releases, reading the blurb on the back, and then putting the books down just to go and choose something from the author I was already familiar with. 

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Book Blogging Firsts Tag | Taking a trip down memory lane!

In 2020 my blog will turn 5 years old (time flies when you’re having fun, right?), and I thought it would be very appropriate to start this year with Book Blogging Firsts Tag. I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone, and I know I still have tags I haven’t done from 2017 (I’m so sorry!!!), but we won’t talk about that and instead focus on these interesting prompts! 

Beth @ Reading every Night did this tag last year and inspired me to do the same. Thank you, Beth! ❤

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Caraval (Caraval #1) by Stephanie Garber | Surprisingly, it's not a bad book!

«Caraval» will definitely be on my list of most surprising books of 2020! I don’t go into my books hoping to hate them, of course. But I always stayed away from «Caraval» thinking that it wouldn’t be for me or it would be filled with cliche YA tropes that would ruin my enjoyment of the book. And generally, circuses and carnivals, and performances are not something I seek in my books. 

But here I am, two days after finishing «Caraval», questioning myself if I loved it enough to continue reading this trilogy.

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Most Anticipated Releases | January 2020

I think I’m going through a reading identity crisis! 

With all yearly wrap up posts, stats, and graphs, I had the chance to analyze my reading, see what books I tend to pick up and give higher ratings to. What I learned was that over the past couple of years I slowly decreased the amount of YA books I read and instead reached more towards Adult books. 

This is all very new to me and I’m still trying to see what exactly I love in books. While I’m brainstorming and figuring out my reading preferences, I thought I’d join Top Ten Tuesday meme this week and share with you all of my most anticipated releases of this month (which are mostly Adult Fiction and Thrillers)!

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January 2020 Monthly Goals | ARCs on My Immediate TBR!

2020 is officially here and my holidays are over, which means long office hours, a lot of running around and basically trying to do all the tasks that piled up over the holiday season. 

I hope January is treating you well, and you don’t get caught up in the hectic routine of “catching up”! 

Even though my month is going to be (and is already) very busy, I’m still planning to get some reading done. Sometimes I get carried away and go on a requesting spree on NetGalley thinking that I won’t get approved for most of the titles, and then I get them all at once.

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2020 Goals & Resolutions | Learning how to Prioritize!

Happy New Year, friends! This post is coming a bit later than I wanted to, solely because I’ve been so busy reading all of your 2019 wrap ups and 2020 resolutions! It’s been a blast seeing everything you wish to achieve this year, and your posts definitely inspired me to add some goals to my list. 

Thank you, Zeezee, for making me reconsider my goals with your latest post – Reflecting on 2019: Life!

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Looking Back at the 2010s | ft. Backwards Bucketlist!

2010s wasn’t an “easy” decade. This was basically the decade of my 20s – the time of changes, of finding yourself and your place in this world, and of course the time of new experiences. This is when we graduate from University, look for our first serious jobs, or pursue academic careers, and are forced to make many important and life-affecting decisions. 

I saw this Backwards Bucketlist on I used some of the prompts from there that applied to me and removed others. But if you’d like to see the full list and also get the printables, make sure to check Zoella’s blog!

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2019 Reading Stats | ft. Pie Charts & Graphs!

December is one of my favorite months, and not only because of the holiday season, Christmas shopping, and delicious food. It’s also the time to take a look back, see what goals I managed to achieve (or not) and compile multiple charts and graphs to help me analyze my performance. 

Who doesn’t love stats?!

2019 was an incredible year! It’s been one of the most stressful ones because of the number of things I had to juggle. But at the same time, I’m more productive when I have more things on my plate. I would love to reduce the amount of stress in 2020, of course, but I wouldn’t necessarily reduce my workload. 

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The Worst Books of 2019 | And why I didn’t rate some books on Goodreads!

Christmas is officially over. I hope you all had a wonderful time, ate tons of delicious food, yummy chocolates and found books under the Christmas tree! 

From incredible Christmas Eve dinner surrounded by friends and family to thoughtful gifts that made me tear up, this Christmas was incredible! We then spent Christmas day in the most chilled way ever, ate some more food, went for a walk in the sun, watched the Harry Potter movie and I even managed to read the first book AND play the first Video Game. 😀

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The Best Books of 2019 | My favorite reads of this year!

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!

The days before Christmas are usually very busy. Yesterday I spent most of the day cooking and preparing everything for the Christmas dinner, but TODAY I have no plans whatsoever! Only rest, eat tons of delicious food and start my re-read of the first Harry Potter book. 🙂 

There are not many days left in 2019 and the Christmas day seemed like the perfect day to finally post the list of my favorite books of 2019

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Books I Hope to Find Under the Christmas Tree | ft. 2019 Releases I don't own yet

This Top Ten Tuesday topic should have been one of the first ones in December, so I could sneakily show my boyfriend this list and would maybe get some of these books for Christmas! It’s Christmas Eve and now all is left to do is try to post this as early as possible to give him time to run to the bookstore that should still be open in the morning.

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