Spring Wrap Up 2018 | Life, Blog & Reading Update


What seemed like rather uneventful 5 months, turned out to be a very busy time looking back. That is why I love doing wrap-ups so much, they give a perfect overview of my life, of things I did and things still to be done in the future.

This year started just as any other year, with celebrations, hopes and many promises to myself that (A) I will finally go to the gym and (B) get my life under control. I’m glad to announce that I kept at least one promise to myself, and have been going to the gym for the past 4 months! Continue reading “Spring Wrap Up 2018 | Life, Blog & Reading Update”


Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi | 20 Things you should know before venturing into Furthermore


No matter how inviting magical worlds might be, one should never go unprepared and under-informed into the unknown. Especially when the unknown is a large world filled to the brim with mischief, treachery and magical secrets.


It is my job and duty to prepare curious boys and girls like you to the uncontrollable magic of Furthermore, as it is a far more dangerous place than you might let yourself to believe. Continue reading “Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi | 20 Things you should know before venturing into Furthermore”

Book Haul | May 2018 + TBR Poll!


Who knew that I managed to accumulate so many books?! In my defense, I’ve been gathering them since Christmas and I didn’t buy all of them myself. This justifies me placing even more book orders this month, right? Right?? Continue reading “Book Haul | May 2018 + TBR Poll!”

6 Games you ought to know before reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


I remember the first time I read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and how curious I was to discover and learn more about Art, Novels and obscure references used by the author.

This same feeling hit me when I was reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. When so much work goes into one novel, it is impossible to not want to learn more, to understand all of the references and to “educate” yourself on all of the 80s pop culture present in the book. Continue reading “6 Games you ought to know before reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline”

Most Anticipated Releases | April 2018

Monthly post on the exciting new releases is finally back!

My To-Be-Read bookshelf on GoodReads has been slowly decreasing in size and that is not acceptable. Maybe I should rename it to “To-Be-Bought” instead? Because I feel that I only add books I am 100% sure I will eventually purchase and everything else is left forgotten and unnoticed. Although, many times I end up buying something that is not even on the shelf.  Or maybe I am just scared of getting lost in my big virtual TBR pile? But that is subject for some other time.  Continue reading “Most Anticipated Releases | April 2018”

March Wrap UP [2018] | Back to reading YA  

I hope you all had a great Easter (everyone who celebrated on the 1st of April), and if you are like me and your Easter is only on the 8th, don’t worry! our time to eat chocolate eggs, pastries and cakes are still ahead of us.
Recently, I’ve posted a list of My Goals for the upcoming months, make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet. I wasn’t able to complete all of them fully, but I made some progress and will continue working on them.

Continue reading “March Wrap UP [2018] | Back to reading YA  “

Mobile Apps I use every day | For Blogging, Reading and Bookstagram


No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am always on my phone. There are just so many things to check and do that my phone became a non-replaceable helper when it comes to tracking my TO-DO lists throughout the day, being active on social media, look for inspiration on Pinterest, browse through different lifestyle and bookish blogs, and much more.

Today I am going to share with you the apps I found extremely helpful that I use on daily basis, each one serving its own specific purpose. Continue reading “Mobile Apps I use every day | For Blogging, Reading and Bookstagram”

In Deep Water by Sam Blake | Not as fast-paced or thrilling as I expected it to be

in deep water

There were years in my reading life when I solely read crime, thrillers, and mysteries. I’ve accumulated quite a collection of books in that particular genre and sometimes the need for something a little bit more mysterious comes knocking on the door, making it impossible to resist.

During one of those whims, I’ve requested «In Deep Water» by Sam Blake on NetGalley. Thank you to NetGalley and to Bonnier Zaffre for a free ARC of this book. Continue reading “In Deep Water by Sam Blake | Not as fast-paced or thrilling as I expected it to be”