September 2020 Wrap Up | The month I gave up on reading…

Oh, wow!  What a month… 🤷‍♀️ First of all, I hope all of you are doing well! For the past couple of weeks, I didn’t really blog hop as much as I usually do, and it made me feel very disconnected from everyone. I hope to fix that before this post goes live!

Secondly, WHAT A MONTH! I knew going in September that it was going to be (1) a slow reading month and (2) an exhausting and nerve-racking one as well. And it was both of these things, but on a much larger scale than expected! 

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August 2020 Wrap Up | The month I read classics & nonfiction for the first time in ages!

Hello, my bookish friends! 🙂 August was such a weird month. It passed very quickly, I didn’t do even half of the things I wanted to accomplish, but at the same time, I stayed busy throughout the entire month! 

Looking back on the past 4 weeks, I honestly wouldn’t be able to remember what I did and what I liked, if I didn’t write those things down somewhere. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it was a blur, and I’m happy that it’s over and we can move on and start fresh in September!

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July 2020 Wrap Up | The month I traveled through books!

It’s 1st of August and I’m supposed to be writing my July Wrap Up (this post), instead, all I care about is how beautiful my TBR stack for August looks! I even started reading two of the books from my TBR, just to see whether they will be a quick read or not. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past hour or so. 

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June 2020 Wrap Up | The month I learned how to enjoy little things!

Looking back on June TBR that I created at the end of May, my motivation to read was definitely very high. Sadly, for the first week of June, I barely read anything. I kept picking up books and reading a couple of pages from each of them nothing really capturing my attention. I kept making to-do lists of all the things I wanted to accomplish, but couldn’t focus on a single one of them. My head was elsewhere and all I could do was watch something to get myself distracted. 

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May 2020 Wrap Up | The month I didn’t read all the books on my TBR!

 I hope May was a good month for all of you!

I’m usually so excited to sit down and write my monthly wrap up, but this time it’s proving to be a very daunting task 😀 

Surprisingly, May wasn’t my favorite month this year, even though my birthday was very nice [I will share my b-day bookhaul later this month, as soon as all the book orders arrive ❤ ]. The weather has been cooperating as well. It became hot very suddenly. One day we were wearing jeans and jackets and the next one we had to jump right into shorts and tops [i.e. the less amount of fabric possible]. It is nice, but I definitely wasn’t prepared to bring my summer dresses just yet.  I realized that I really need to do some summer clothes online spree soon. Yay! 

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April 2020 Wrap Up | The month I read too many books!

Who would have thought that April would turn out to be one of the best months of this year [so far]?! Obviously, we are still under quarantine, not allowed to go anywhere other than work and food shopping, and COVID is still a very serious threat. So considering all of that, somehow I managed to read 18 books in April! 

This is by far the most I’ve ever read in just one month. What is more curious though, is that most of the books I read were 4-5 star reads! Even in terms of quality, April was the best reading month of this year.

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The Books I DNF’d last month |Mini-Reviews

Hi, guys! I hope you’ve managed to control your Animal Crossing addiction and actually made some progress in your O.W.L.s TBR over this weekend! 😀 I still haven’t succumbed to the pressure to buy Switch, so I’m safe from THAT addiction. But I’ve been playing a little bit more of Nevernight this weekend and watched TONS of YouTube videos… 

Somehow, I still finished a bunch of books and I’m feeling very confident that I actually might be able to complete all 12 O.W.L.s prompts. Crazy! I know! 

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March 2020 Wrap Up | The month I fought my way out of a reading slump!

The first two weeks of March and the last 10 days of the month feel like they belong in completely different months, times, worlds… Not only because of the COVID and social isolation but just workload and how I’ve been feeling in general (and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who went or going through the same thing). To summarize my state of mind in March: (1) reading slump, (2) unable to focus, (3) overwhelmed by daily tasks, and (4) not feeling my usual self. 

It’s been a rough time for everyone, and I constantly felt like I was doing too many things at the same time, my mind kept wandering everywhere and I even skipped a couple of weeks of blog posts because I couldn’t find the motivation to write anything, even though I love my blog and all of you, guys. 

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February Wrap Up 2020 | The month I was too busy to learn anything new!

One of my goals this year is to learn something new every single month. In January I learned how to stay on top of things. February on the other hand…

No matter how hard I tried to plan ahead, every single weekend in February we had something going on – some things were rather pleasant though. 🙂 

I really hope that this was the busiest month of the year and that things will start slowing down from here onward, but I don’t really believe that. As we are getting closer to my deadlines and exams, life is getting busier and busier. 

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January 2020 Wrap Up | The month I learned how to stay on top of things!

January will always be my favorite month of the year! It might be the fact that I always see it as a fresh start, or maybe because I get so tired of holidays that I just want to dive into a familiar work-home-work routine. I try to treat every day as a fresh start, but nothing feels quite the same as the first month of the year. 

This was one of the quickest passing, but also incredibly productive months in a very long time. I followed most of my new year’s resolutions and tried to organize my life to the little things. 

Did you start the new year strong?  

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Looking Back at the 2010s | ft. Backwards Bucketlist!

2010s wasn’t an “easy” decade. This was basically the decade of my 20s – the time of changes, of finding yourself and your place in this world, and of course the time of new experiences. This is when we graduate from University, look for our first serious jobs, or pursue academic careers, and are forced to make many important and life-affecting decisions. 

I saw this Backwards Bucketlist on I used some of the prompts from there that applied to me and removed others. But if you’d like to see the full list and also get the printables, make sure to check Zoella’s blog!

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2019 Reading Stats | ft. Pie Charts & Graphs!

December is one of my favorite months, and not only because of the holiday season, Christmas shopping, and delicious food. It’s also the time to take a look back, see what goals I managed to achieve (or not) and compile multiple charts and graphs to help me analyze my performance. 

Who doesn’t love stats?!

2019 was an incredible year! It’s been one of the most stressful ones because of the number of things I had to juggle. But at the same time, I’m more productive when I have more things on my plate. I would love to reduce the amount of stress in 2020, of course, but I wouldn’t necessarily reduce my workload. 

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The Worst Books of 2019 | And why I didn’t rate some books on Goodreads!

Christmas is officially over. I hope you all had a wonderful time, ate tons of delicious food, yummy chocolates and found books under the Christmas tree! 

From incredible Christmas Eve dinner surrounded by friends and family to thoughtful gifts that made me tear up, this Christmas was incredible! We then spent Christmas day in the most chilled way ever, ate some more food, went for a walk in the sun, watched the Harry Potter movie and I even managed to read the first book AND play the first Video Game. 😀

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The Best Books of 2019 | My favorite reads of this year!

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today!

The days before Christmas are usually very busy. Yesterday I spent most of the day cooking and preparing everything for the Christmas dinner, but TODAY I have no plans whatsoever! Only rest, eat tons of delicious food and start my re-read of the first Harry Potter book. 🙂 

There are not many days left in 2019 and the Christmas day seemed like the perfect day to finally post the list of my favorite books of 2019

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2019 Goals Wrap Up | Reading for fun, Discovering new authors & More!

I spent so much time this month to get everything prepared for tomorrow that I can’t quite believe that I’m finally done with all the presents, wrapping, shopping, etc. I also can’t wait for my family to open their gifts, I think they will really love them and I honestly prefer giving presents more than receiving. 

Tomorrow I will be worrying about cooking and setting the table, but today I thought I’d take a few hours off to look back at my 2019 Goals and see what worked for me, what didn’t and what goals will need to migrate to next year.

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