Most Anticipated Releases | April 2020

I don’t know about you, but sitting at home drastically increased my desire to buy new books. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Somehow I managed to control myself and not buy every single book off every single website, but I feel my control starting to waive. 

April will be one of the best months for bookish releases! Between Mark Lawrence’s new fantasy book, the continuation of Founders trilogy and the final installment in the “Of Blood and Bone” trilogy by John Gwynne, I surely won’t have much time for anything else (except all my other OWLs books… 😀 ).

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Most Anticipated Releases | March 2020

Every month I look forward to making this type of post. Who doesn’t like to get excited about new books?! There are tons of new amazing books coming out in March and I feel like people are mostly excited about the new Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare books.

I said earlier this year that I won’t be picking up any new books by these two authors, because lately I’ve been disappointed by their new releases, even though I loved the Throne of Glass and the Mortal Instruments series.

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Elevation by Stephen King | One of the best short books!

I’m slowly dipping my toes into Stephen King’s works. Last year I tried his dystopian novel «Cell» and this year I decided to start with one of the shorter books – «Elevation». I’m still avoiding his horror books, even though «Elevation» is classified as Horror and even won Goodreads awards in the horror category (shocking!) you’re safe to read it because it’s nothing more than a Fiction book with elements of fantasy? sci-fi? something out of the ordinary. 

This was an outstanding story and it instantly made it to my “favorites of 2020” list!

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The Other People by C.J. Tudor | The best of C.J. Tudor’s books to date!

After reading «The Chalk Man» in 2018, I immediately became a fan of C.J. Tudor’s writing! She creates the most gripping and thrilling plots, infused by the terror of simple common things that feel too real. Last year, I read her other book «The Taking of Annie Thorne» that was just as incredible as the first one. 

And now in 2020, we got «The Other People»! Her next book (my edition of «The Other People» had the first chapter of it) is coming out next year and sounds very interesting.

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Most Anticipated Releases | February 2020

This is one of my favorite posts to prepare every month! It helps me discover new books that maybe weren’t on my radar yet, and it also allows me to share my excitement for all new books with you, guys!

February will be the “thriller” month – from new Mary Kubica book (who doesn’t love Mary Kubica?!) to some amazing debuts that sound incredible – I just hope that I’ll be able to purchase / get most of these and read this year.

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Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar | One of my favorite tropes in thrillers!

Reading «Grace is Gone» reminded me of two very distinct things:

  1. why thrillers and mysteries used to be my favorite genres, and also
  2. why I stopped reading them. 

This might sound like I disliked this book, which is not true. But I can’t say that it was the best Mystery either, especially since I suspected from the very beginning what the twist will be, and patiently waited for my guess to be confirmed by the author.

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Most Anticipated Releases | January 2020

I think I’m going through a reading identity crisis! 

With all yearly wrap up posts, stats, and graphs, I had the chance to analyze my reading, see what books I tend to pick up and give higher ratings to. What I learned was that over the past couple of years I slowly decreased the amount of YA books I read and instead reached more towards Adult books. 

This is all very new to me and I’m still trying to see what exactly I love in books. While I’m brainstorming and figuring out my reading preferences, I thought I’d join Top Ten Tuesday meme this week and share with you all of my most anticipated releases of this month (which are mostly Adult Fiction and Thrillers)!

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Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid | The tale of “good intentions”!

Reading in December hasn’t been the best so far. This has been one of the busiest months of the year, with many extra hours at work, many blog posts to prepare for the end of the year, and just, in general, the whole hustle and bustle of Christmas season. I’ve spent too many hours at the malls trying to figure out Christmas gifts for family and friends, and I still didn’t buy all of the things I wanted.

«Such a Fun Age» was a perfect book for this busy time of the year. Captivating and engaging, this novel brought to light many important subjects in an easy-to-read way.

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Life After Life by Kate Atkinson | When the quality of the book didn’t match my enjoyment

«Life after Life», the winner of the Goodreads Choice Award in 2013, is a mesmerizing historical fiction with the element of time-traveling. It was a perfect read for the colder days, which transported me to England during the First and Second World Wars, where we followed the Todd family and discovered how different choices, little missteps, and decisions could affect the life course in very drastic ways.

Ursula Todd was born on February 11th, 1910, and she died on that same night. However, under different circumstances, Ursula Todd was born on February 11th, 1910 and she lived. 

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Dear Lily by Drew Davies | The perfect book to take on a trip to Copenhagen!

When I finally get my stuff together and plan a trip to Copenhagen, this is the book I will bring with me to read on the bus, airport and on the flight! Touching, witty and very emotional, it’s a perfect book to space out, lose yourself in someone else’s life, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of traveling.

Set in Copenhagen, Denmark, «Dear Lily» is a collection of letters from Joy to her younger sister Lily, where she recollects her experiences of moving to a different country, getting a new job, finding friends and dealing with mundane struggles of everyday life.

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I Dare You by Sam Carrington | Will I ever find a thriller I love?

I love books written in “now and then” style when each chapter brings us closer to THE day of the crime, and two realities – the future and the past, finally meet together and in a mere click, everything starts to make perfect sense. 

It’s been so difficult to find some new thrillers and mysteries that would really surprise me. I remember when I was younger, all I used to read were thrillers and all of them were amazing. Which prompted me to pick up more and more of the same genre. I don’t know if it’s the critical reader in me, and the need to review books that is lowering my excitement, or simply I can’t choose the right books for myself anymore

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The Vegetarian by Han Kang | A disturbing allegory of women’s place in the Korean society

I didn’t like it… 

Here, I said it. I honestly don’t think there is a single person out there who read this book and said: “I liked it”. Yes, most can appreciate the writing style, the story, the meaning behind it, but OMG, it was weird. 

I also don’t think it’s a good book…

There are certain stories that I read and not necessarily love but, as I said, appreciate the thought and the deeper meaning. However, if the author had to resort to disturbing and pornographic content to explain her point of view and present this allegory, it doesn’t compel me to know more about the real-world problem. In fact, it does the complete opposite, making me want to run away and not face these issues.

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Normal People by Sally Rooney | An unsettling story about sex, love, and relationships.

«Normal People» by Sally Rooney is not an easy book to review. I’m still not entirely sure if I liked it or not. 

Does it really deserve the 5-star rating I’ve given it immediately after turning the last page? I can’t answer this question yet.

There are books that instantly become our favorites, and there are books that will stay with us for a very long time, the little plot details engraved in our memory. Even though you won’t be reaching to re-read those books any time soon (or ever). That’s how I felt about «Memoirs of Geisha» that was an extraordinary reading experience and one of the first adult books I’ve ever read, and that’s also how I feel about «Normal People» by Sally Rooney.

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Cell by Stephen King | The perfect book for Halloween!

My first successful find at the local thrift bookshop, and also my first Stephen King novel (after a disastrous attempt to read «Carrie» many years ago) «Cell» was a great book to familiarize myself with King’s writing. It’s one of his dystopian books that isn’t scary at all, more of an atmospheric read, which was perfect for this time of the year. 

According to the blurb by Guardian on the front cover of my copy, I wouldn’t use my mobile for days after reading this book. That didn’t happen.

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Most Anticipated Releases | November 2019

November will be the month of catching up. I already feel the pressure of getting all things done before the end of the year, prepare for the Christmas season and just try to stay on top of things in preparation for 2020.

Publishers must feel the same because November is marked by many releases of next-in-the series books that I’m very excited about!

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