A Time of Blood by John Gwynne | Which “Of Blood and Bone” Character are You? QUIZ!

«A Time of Blood» – the second book Of Blood and Bone series by John Gwynne is coming out tomorrow, April 18th!

For everyone who doesn’t know or heard of this book, this is the second installment in Of Blood and Bone Fantasy series by John Gwynne, set in Banished Lands over 100 years after the events of The Faithful and the Fallen.

Do you need to read the first series?

Personally, I haven’t read The Faithful and the Fallen, but I definitely would love to pick it up at some point, even though I’m more attached to the current characters than the world itself.

But there might be some perks to reading the other series first. For example, this series definitely contains some spoilers to the first one, as it references a lot of historical events and past accomplishments. Also, it would be easier to jump into this series if you are already familiar with the world. (Although, I didn’t find it difficult or complicated to get into). And you might pick up more “hidden” references than a new reader.

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The Taking of Annie Thorne by C. J. Tudor | Can you tell what is real?

If you thought «The Chalk Man» was dark and creepy, «The Taking of Annie Thorne» will give you jitters. C.J. Tudor took the mystery of her second book to the new level by adding some surprising horror elements. The attention to details, the mystery elements, and deeply engraved traumas provided the perfect scenery for a creepy thriller!

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple | Soo-Lin is the most inconvenient person in the entire world!

Last year I read and LOVED «Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine» by Gail Honeyman. It was by far one of the best books I read in a very long time. And so I went googling. Searching for as many books as possible that would have similar to Eleanor characters. One book that kept coming up in almost every post was «Where’d You Go Bernadette» by Maria Semple.

And based on the fact that (1) it is similar to my other favorite, (2) has an appealing cover and (3) a movie starring Cate Blanchett is coming out in August 2019, I’ve decided to purchase it with high hopes for another favorite.

Imagine all of this excitement that was completely crushed after the first 50 pages of the book!

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School for Psychics (School for Psychics #1) by K.C. Archer | A “magic” school for adults

When someone asked me what I was currently reading, the best (and quickest) way to describe the book was – a “Harry Potter” for adults.

Not to say that it is extremely similar to the Harry Potter story, but every book that gives us some sort of magic / supernatural school, be it for children or for adults, will forever remind me of Harry Potter and how much I wished I would have gotten that Hogwarts letter.

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Book Reviews | How to overcome writer’s block

Blog posts about reviews are not scarce, there are many “how to”, “when to” and “what to” guides from many book bloggers. And do you know why? Because writing reviews is hard. To overcome our difficulties, we try to provide guidelines, advices and rules that would simplify our life as book critics.

Not so long ago, Drew wrote a very interesting post «There is no right or wrong way to review». I have also written previously on How to get back on track with reviews and also a discussion post about Why do we keep writing them.

But there is always time when we hit this wall again. Stare at the blank page for many hours without knowing how to start our review. Can this be considered “writer’s block”? I definitely think it is. In fact, we are writers, even if some don’t consider blogging as the type of creative writing.

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Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler | Magical Dickensian World!

It’s the greatest joy of my life when after reading the first book of the new-to-me author, I discover that he has written many other books and Fantasy series!

Jeff Wheeler’s writing will have anyone hooked after a few sentences, and the Dickensian world of his latest Sci-Fi / Fantasy series Harbinger, instantly made it to one of my favorite story settings of 2018.

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The Quiet You Carry by Nikki Barthelmess | A glimpse into the life of foster care kids

Warning: This book contains mentions of sexual abuse, child abuse, mental illness, violence, suicide attempt.

Have you ever thought about what it is like to be a kid in the foster care system?

«The Quiet You Carry» inspired by Nikki Barthelmess own experience in the foster care, gives us a glimpse into the life of foster care kids.

Victoria Parker is a senior and only a few months away from turning 18. And just one moment changes her life forever. When her father locks her out of the house, Victoria is placed in the foster care system and ends up in a different town, different school and different home.

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The Girls at 17 Swan Street by Yara Zgheib

As much as I think that (1) mental illnesses should be talked about, (2) people should be aware and educated on these topics, and (3) feel free to speak about them to others to help them overcome their struggles, I’m also not usually the targeted audience for the books that are focused on “mental illnesses”. Normally I wouldn’t even pick them up.

«The Girls at 17 Swan Street» sounded like something I might enjoy, and besides, we are bound to leave our comfort zone from time to time. This was my attempt of trying something different, of expanding my reading horizons.

I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t enjoy it either. It was one of those books that once I put down, I didn’t want to pick up again.

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