Majesty (American Royals, #2) by Katharine McGee | A very good conclusion to the duology!

This is not my usual type of book, but OMG… it was just as addictive as the first installment! «Majesty» picks up right after the events of the first book, «American Royals», which I read and reviewed last year. If you haven’t read it, I wouldn’t recommend reading this review. Even though I’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, the blurb for the second book does give away a lot of things that happen in the first one.

I mentioned in my review of the first book that reading this story reminded me a lot of my favorite TV shows – «Gossip Girl» and «The Royals». There was just enough drama to keep me flipping pages as fast as possible without being overly-exhausting to read.

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American Royals by Katharine McGee | Scandals, drama and gossip of the American monarchy!

When I was just out of high school, I was obsessed with the Gossip Girl TV show with Blake Lively as Serena and Leighton Meester as Blair, this TV show was the most stylish drama of my youth. It was actually my high school boyfriend who introduced me to the show, I remember that we watched some episodes together.

If you’ve never seen Gossip Girl, it’s the most addicting show that follows the lives of privileged teens in the upper east side, NYC. I was always wondered what was the budget of this series considering the settings and some of the most iconic wardrobes. I loved Serena’s style ❤ 

Much later, I’ve watched a couple of episodes of another TV show, called «The Royals». Basically, again the drama infused story about the royal family showcasing all the luxury but also the lack of privacy that comes with that life. 

«American Royals» is a perfect mix of these two shows, following the lives of royal children – Princess Beatrice, the eldest and the heir to the throne, and Princess Samantha and Prince Jeff – the twins who are always loud and in trouble. Every family, especially royal, needs a couple of troublemakers.

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