June Wrap Up | 2017  

Don’t you love it when the first day of the month falls on the weekend? Because I do! Perfect timing to wrap up the previous month and set up reading and non-reading goals for the next month, and just taking some time off to recharge!

June was one of the best reading and blogging month this year, hopefully it treated you well too! If you can recall, for my June TBR I decided not to make an actual To-Be-Read pile but small goals that would keep me motivated and it worked wonders! Continue reading “June Wrap Up | 2017  “


December 2016 | Goals

So! DECEMBER! Can you believe that we are already in December 2016? It seems like the whole year just flew by! Where did Autumn go? Why is everything moving so quickly? Please, stop!

My TBR for the month of December isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I have some wonderful books sitting on my shelf waiting for me to pick them up, but since we all know how well I follow my TBR lists… let’s just make it a list of «Goals» this time! Continue reading “December 2016 | Goals”

November 2016 | Wrap Up

What a success it was! It was busy, it was hectic and it had been a very very productive month. Just how I like it to be!

How well do you work under pressure? I found out that I tend to do so much more when I have no time for anything! Wake up early, work, blog, read, study (and watch 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls, because once you start watching Gilmore Girls it is impossible to stop!) and never stop – is exactly what works for me.

Continue reading “November 2016 | Wrap Up”