Book Blogging Firsts Tag | Taking a trip down memory lane!

In 2020 my blog will turn 5 years old (time flies when you’re having fun, right?), and I thought it would be very appropriate to start this year with Book Blogging Firsts Tag. I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone, and I know I still have tags I haven’t done from 2017 (I’m so sorry!!!), but we won’t talk about that and instead focus on these interesting prompts! 

Beth @ Reading every Night did this tag last year and inspired me to do the same. Thank you, Beth! ❤


1 – Answer the prompts below:
1st blog name and design
1st blog post
1st book review
1st meme participated in
1st discussion post
1st book blog I followed
1st follower
1st book I read because of other bloggers, and
2 – Don’t forget to mention the creator of this tag Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight


WhimsyPages was the first name I gave to my blog and hopefully will stay unchanged forever. I remember it took me a very long time to come up with the blog name I wouldn’t hate after a couple of weeks. 😁

Creating your first blog and trying to think of the name to give to it is a huge task, I wanted it to be relatively short (because of “wordpress”), to be related to books and reading but that could also be used for other topics if necessary, and overall I wanted it to sound good. I remember asking my friends for help, but I’m glad that it was me who finally “made it up”. (Now I don’t have anyone to blame but myself 😀 )


My first, and second, and third, and sixth posts were all reviews so we will leave them for the next question. My very first non-review post was 2016 “March Wrap Up” and my very first attempt at the discussion post or fun conversational post was “Top 5 things every true bookworm should do this summer”! I actually used some lovely pictures there and wrote tons of words. 👍✔


The very first review I’ve ever written was for the «Gone Girl» by Gillian Flynn. That book was so amazing that I just had to share my thoughts with the world! Be careful though because it does contain spoilers!  I think I was still learning how to talk about books without spoiling the plot. Oops!


This was a very recent achievement! Last year I finally joined my first meme – Top Ten Tuesday. Not sure why I avoided them for so long?! “How my reading tastes have changed over the years» was probably my favorite one:


Of course, I had to talk about To-Be-Read piles for my first discussion post 😀 Even back then I knew that they will become a huge problem one day. My opinion about monthly TBRs is still the same. I don’t like them and rarely make commitments to only read certain books during the month. Having a set choice of books tends to drive me into a reading slump, that’s why I started doing monthly goals instead – they are broader and give more wiggle room.


Stacey @ Pretty Books. I’m so glad that the first-ever person I followed is still actively posting on her blog! 


My first follower was Jade, but her blog is no longer active. But my 4th follower was Clair @Cup of Books and she is also still very active ❤ 


Hmm, most of my book choices are influenced by bloggers or booktubers, but the very first one was probably the Mortal Instruments series and «The Fault in Our Stars» by John Green that I never wrote a review for because I didn’t like it.



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13 thoughts on “Book Blogging Firsts Tag | Taking a trip down memory lane!

      1. Yeah, that’s definitely a risk – especially if your reading tastes have changed. But, its nice to see how far you’ve come! 🙂

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  1. Amazing to think that you’ve kept blogging for five years! I hope I can get to that milestone too….it’ll only take another four and a half years lol!

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  2. I love this tag! I actually was tagged summer of last year, if you want to check it out: . I’m PRETTY sure a bunch of my links won’t work though, since I did a MASSIVE clean out with my blog earlier this month ha-ha!! It was a lot of fun to go down memory lane though. Love your post! I also started with the exact same blogging name! Hasn’t changed, which I’m very happy about. Lovely post, darlin’!

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