Top 5 things every true bookworm should do this summer

DSC_1637_FotorDon’t you love making plans for your summer holidays? Planning where to go, what bikinis to bring to the trip, and most importantly what books to bring with you on that trip you have been waiting on forever?! I certainly do!

However, I have some other things in mind too, things that will make me feel creative, sociable and productive all at the same time while enjoying my summer break.

1. Read books from your school’s reading list.

Yes, you heard me. I don’t know about you, but I loved getting those endless reading lists at the end of each school year, truly believing that I will go to my local library and read them all during the summer… and that never actually happened.

Now as I grew older and wiser, or at least how I want to think of myself (wise of course, not old), I deeply regret the time I wasted while I could have read at least some of the classics from those lists and add them to my “read” pile on GoodReads so everyone can see what a well-read person I am!

Please don’t be like me and actually pick up few books from the lists and read them for fun while laying on the sunny beach and everyone else around you is reading chick-lit and summery romances. It feels good to be productive!


2. Read chick-lit and summery romances.

I know that I was just talking about classics and being productive but it’s SUMMER we are talking about. Mix and match your books as you wish. There is no more homework, nothing you are obliged to do or to read, so pick up any book you want to but don’t forget to try some light romances or funny chick-lits.

Warning! Those light reads can actually be dangerous. How many times I kept reading and reading while lying at the beach… unaware of the time spent under the sun. Take precautions! You don’t want to look like a shrimp on the first day of your trip.

Relax. Enjoy YA sweet romances or New Adult spicy stories as much as you want. DO make sure they are your age appropriate! And get in the flirty summer mood.


3. Go for a walk with your friends.

Now! Every true bookworm should bring their best friends outside. I am talking about books here obviously. Take your books whenever you go, show them a little bit of the world, but the most crucial part is to show your new shiny books to everyone around you!

That neighbour of yours or ladies at the cafe, or people who lay down too close to your towel at the beach (yes, we all hate those people), they all need to see the colorful cover of “The Unexpected Everything” by Morgan Matson!

For people who prefer going outside with actual people instead of books (I am not sure why you would want that), talk about recent book you’ve read, share those complex feelings that are keeping you awake at night, how heartbreaking the last pages were, how you wanted to throw the book away but the damage was already done.

You might ask me “Why would I do that?!”, and my answer to you is that every true bookworm spends all his free time to convert as many people as he can and make them book slaves! That is the whole purpose of our existence.

4. Take pictures.

Do you remember how I told you to bring your books everywhere? Well… you might want to add your camera to it as well. I am certain your tote bag will handle all of these things and still look amazing with that bookish quote.

Don’t you love how reading twist your mind a little and make you feel more dramatic/romantic sometimes? We see the world a bit differently when we’re in that state and a different viewpoint means interesting pictures, take advantage of the natural filter and snap away!

Take pictures everywhere you go, especially of your books and you reading in all imaginable and unimaginable places. Spam social media with book pictures, make everyone jealous of your summer break!

Don’t have instagram or twitter? Create an account immediately and follow some bookstagramers for more inspiration!


5. Summer book sales.

The last but definitely not the least, summer sales! If you don’t already have a list of all bookish sales going around your town this summer, make sure search for them and don’t miss a single one of them!

Our book buying addiction needs some freedom and there is no better time for it than summer. We all go on a spree sometimes, ordering and ordering and ordering more books online. But! Isn’t it better to enjoy those summer sales with your friends, find precious books, maybe old maybe new, but undeniably most wanted.

Flowy summer dresses, sunny beaches, crystal blue water and tons of bookish activities is what every true bookworm should make their summer be like.

What is your favorite bookish thing to do during summer?


3 thoughts on “Top 5 things every true bookworm should do this summer

  1. It would be nice just to sit outside at a cafe to read and visit some ideas from the classics I guess, the sun should help me through reading heavier things I would otherwise never be able to read through in dimmer and colder days.


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