New Favorite Authors of 2019 | Ft. Books I’m planning to read in 2020!

When I just started this blog, I didn’t even know that it was possible to read books from so many different authors. My reading mentality back then only allowed me to buy and read books from my favorite authors, or re-read all the books I already owned.

I remember how much I loved going to book shops when I was a teenager, browsing through all the new releases, reading the blurb on the back, and then putting the books down just to go and choose something from the author I was already familiar with. 

Back then I also read a lot of crime series that could have 20-30-50! books in the series and you basically could start reading from any point and still understand everything that was happening. 

I still own dozens of crime series, especially many pocket-size editions. 😀 

My “diverse” reading when it comes to authors started with the discovery of Booktube, and later on with NetGalley. ARCs are a great way to read more debuts and find amazing new authors! 

Today I’m joining Top Ten Tuesday meme – Bookish Discoveries I made in 2019, and sharing with you the list of authors I discovered in 2019 and already bought some more books by them to read this year!


My plan was to start with the Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson in 2019, but I chose an easier route and picked up his Reckoners trilogy instead – (1) it’s much shorter and (2) it’s YA sci-fi and therefore looked less intimidating. 

But I already own all books in the Mistborn trilogy and need to read them in 2020 (…just like all the other books on my shelves…)

After seeing how much Emily @ Books with Emily Fox loved the Ancestors trilogy, I knew I had to give it a try as well, but didn’t want to commit to yet another fantasy series without reading something else from this author, just to see if his writing style was a yay or nay for me. 

Luckily, I was approved for two of his ARCs last year – «One Word Kill» and «Limited Wish», the two new books in his Sci-Fi YA trilogy (I’m seeing a pattern here…) that I loved! Now I can’t wait to start «Red Sister» and also highly anticipating his new book «The Girl and the Stars». 

Ruta Sepetys was by far one of the biggest surprised of 2019! Her latest release «The Fountains of Silence» was probably my favorite book of 2019, and I immediately bought her other books – «Between Shades of Gray» and «Salt to the Sea». I already know that I will love them just as much (if not more) and need to finally pick them up! 

«Scythe» was the book I was the most curious about – the premise created by Neal Schusterman is so unique and interesting, of course I ended up absolutely loving it, and will be reading «Thunderhead» and «The Toll» as soon as possible. 

I’m not so sure about Neal Shusterman’s other series though… I feel like the feedback on his other novels is not as good, so I might stick with the Arc of Scythe for now and keep a close eye on his future books. 

Okay… technically, I discovered John Gwynne’s books in 2018 with the ARC of his newest trilogy – «A Time of Dread», and while I loved the new installment I wasn’t swept away by his writing and story-telling until reading the 2nd book – «A Time of Blood» last year!

The third and final book comes out in April, and I will definitely read all other John Gwynne’s books. 

I recently got myself a copy of «The Song of Achilles» by Madeline Miller so I can continue falling in love with her beautiful writing.

«Circe» was the most enticing and charming book I read in 2019 (even though it took me a while to finish it), and I hope Madeline Miller continues writing these epic novels inspired by mythology and history. I always want to classify «Circe» as Historical Fiction… am I the only one to believe that Greek Gods actually existed?

Sally Rooney is the only author on this list that I’m still not sure about. Did I actually like «Normal People»? It was a very difficult book to read because of how raw the lives of main characters were described. Do I really want to subject myself to yet another emotionally “raw” book? I already bought the «Conversations with Friends» so I guess the answer is yes? 😀 

There were many more new-to-me authors in 2019 whose works I absolutely loved, and added their other books to my TBR. Hopefully, 2020 will be just as great with many exciting bookish discoveries! 

Who was your new favorite author in 2019? Have you read any of these books?
Let me know in the comments below! 

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48 thoughts on “New Favorite Authors of 2019 | Ft. Books I’m planning to read in 2020!

  1. It’s funny how we chose basically the same topic this week! I haven’t read anything by any of the authors on your list, but I would love to! Maybe I can get to Neal Shusterman and Brandon Sanderson now that I plan to read more fantasy this year. Those two would probably be the authors I want to read from most on this list. I hope these author’s other books will be everything you expect them to be!

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    1. Yeah! Great minds think alike! 😀

      I just realized that I dind’t add any thriller / mystery authors in my list :O even though 2019 was the year I read more thrillers than in any of the previous years, but I guess non of them were VERY memorable. I’d love to read some thrillers I didn’t get a chance to read last year – like Whisper Man or Silent Patient. And I already got them on my e-reader, so there is nothing stopping me from picking them up now.


      1. Thanks, but most don’t seem to be in genres that I generally read. I know, I should give some of them a second chance, but I have so much to read already in my preferred genres… But I can recommend these to others, and I love seeing lesser known authors get noticed on these blogs, even if I’m not their audience.

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  2. Love this list, Alex! Brandon Sanderson is amazing and his Mistborn trilogy was my first read of his books. Mind blown! I also loved Song of Achilles. It made me so unexpectedly emotional 😂 I also discovered Ruta Sepetys last year and can’t wait to read more of her! And of course, I super love the Arc of a Scythe series 😍Hope you enjoy all the reads by these authors!

    My TTT post

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    1. Yay! I told you, we tend to pick up the same books! I’m planning to read Mistborn trilogy this year, and if I really like it, go and purchase this other series as well. There is even a Sanderson read-a-long that starts in February and lasts until the end of the year. They are starting with Elantris, so I might join (haven’t completely decided yet).


    1. «The Fountains of Silence» was incredible! She creates the most realistic characters and it’s impossible not to fall in love with them ❤ I hope you'll read one of her books this year!
      I really need to get started on Thunderhead, but I'd been prioritizing all of the ARCs for now, so maybe in April / May, once I'm done with ARCs, I can start working on my physical TBR.


        1. I think I’ll enjoy the read a long for Elantris. They give approx 6 weeks for each book, Ill definitely finish it faster. And then will see. The first Mistborn book is scheduled for April/May. It’s called Cosmeralong BTW 😀

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  3. YES TO THE SONG OF ACHILLES it’s such an incredible book, one of my absolute favorites!!

    And I’m planning to read Scythe this year since I’ve only heard awesome things!

    Those Mistborn books are all so huge and intimidating. I read book 1 last year and really liked but when I tried to read book 2 it just didn’t pull me in very much. I’m surprisingly not really curious about what happens next in the series so I think it’s on hold for me rn.

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    1. I just hope that Song of Achilles won’t take me long to read, unlike Circe 😀 Which was amazing, but I had to go through it very slowly.

      Oh, that’s a shame. I also hear that his new Sci-Fi series is pretty amazing, so I already got myself Skyward, maybe I can read it soon… fingers crossed? Lol

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        1. Just whenever I felt like it, I didn’t really think about it much. When were you thinking of reading it?

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        2. I was going to start it tonight, but it’s too late for that now 😀 I’ve been doing other million things today, ahaha.

          How about next week? It’s 500ish pages, we could try to start it on Monday and finish on Friday? 100 pages / day. Or am I being too ambitious? 😀

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        3. It’s a bit ambitious but I think we can do it! So do we read 100 pages and then discuss, maybe on the Goodreads message system? That’s what I usually use

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        4. I prefer tomorrow if you don’t mind, I’m too tired to read 100 pages tonight. I only started last year and it was really fun!(I’m doubting myself too, but if it’s as great as everyone says then it should be easy 😀

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  4. I read the Final Empire a few years ago and it was so good. I don’t know why I haven’t read the other books in the series. At least point I may have to just reread it before I can continue with it. I’m currently reading Thunderhead right now (hoping to finish it today) and it’s really good. I think I love Scythe more though.

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  5. I used to do the exact same thing in book stores 😂 I’m glad it’s not just me! I also discovered Shusterman for the first time in 2019 and fell in love with his writing. Brandon Sanderson is still on my TBR but hopefully I’ll get to it soon. Fab post!

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    1. Ahah, I wish booktube existed back then. It really helped me discovering new books / authors. 🙂
      Brandon Sanderson’s the Reckoners trilogy wasn’t the best, but still very good and I understood why everyone always talks about how goos his endings are. I feel like Mistborn will be better and can’t wait to finally start reading it!

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  6. I discovered Sanderson and Shusterman in 2019 too! I loved The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and love the Arc of a Scythe series. I didn’t love The Toll as much as the first two books in the Scythe series, but still an interesting series that really surprised me.

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    1. Uuh!! I really need to read Sanderson’s fantasy books this year. I was planning to start with the Mistborn trilogy, but there is a read-a-long starting in February and they will be picking up Elantris first. I think I might join them 😀


  7. I feel as though I’m in the minority, but I’m not the biggest fan of Brandon Sanderson. I read the Reckoners trilogy and Skyward, but wasn’t very impressed by either. I hope you have better luck with him than I did! Steelheart was definitely my favorite of all his books! On the other hand, I ADORE Neal Shusterman and can’t recommend his books enough! I have yet to read the Toll, but Scythe and Thunderhead were spectacular. I also love the Unwind series and Dry, which Shusterman co-wrote with his son! Happy reading! ❤

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    1. The Reckoners series wasn’t my favorite either. I mean… it was good, but I’m not a big fan of superheroes, and the main character was too awkward for my liking 😀 Although, his character did improve throughout the story.

      I’ve started reading Skyward yesterday and really enjoying it so far.

      What Sanderson does best, in my opinion, is the big reveals, and also the build up to that climax. I’m very curious to read the Mistborn trilogy and the Way of Kings.

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      1. Ah, YES! The main character drove me insane in the second and third novel of the Reckoners trilogy. His awkwardness and idiocy truly cracked me up lol.

        I agree that the big reveals is definitely Sanderson’s strongest points. I want to read the Misborn trilogy and Elantris at some point. 🙂

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