July 2016 Wrap UP

It feels like July was the busiest month so far (and it feels like I say that every month), equally so at work and “school”. I finally finished my papers for the Lawyers Bar and delivered them in the last week of July! The first phase is done, over, completed… I intend to not think about it for at least 8 more happy weeks.

With all the rush to finish my papers and tons of things going on at work, I am proud to announce that I managed to read SIX books! (and totally failed ASOIAF Read-a-Long… Oh, well. Let’s not focus on sad things).

1. The first book I finished last month was «Staying at Daisy’s» by Jill Mansell, a perfect summer read, light, funny, sarcastic and incredibly entertaining. (rating + picture)
I have a detailed review written on here (Staying at Daisy’s by Jill Mansell) if you would like to take a look.

2. Few months ago I picked up the first book of the Runes Series by Ednah Walters for free in my Kindle app (review here). Which you still can download on your Kindle or other e-reading devices and it’s absolutely free.
Last month, I found out that by subscribing to Ednah Walters’ newsletter on her website you will receive the second book  in the series, «Immortals», for free as well! Amazing opportunity that I simply couldn’t let pass!

3. «Library of Souls» by Ransom Riggs! I have finally finished Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, just in time for the movie premier.
I will be writing a full review on all three books fairly soon.

4. My next book was a Russian crime book written by a very popular Russian author, Alexandra Marinina. I needed a quick, captivating read and her books are always on point.

5. At the very end of the month I decided to give a small town romance a try, by S. J. McCoy «Love Like You’ve Never been Hurt» that was free to download for Kindle or Kindle apps from Amazon.

6. Finally, I ended the month of July on a high note, reading «Clockwork Prince» by Cassandra Clare that I absolutely came to adore! (Already started reading the last book in the trilogy this month and it is only getting better and better with every page!)

Happy reading everyone!




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