No! to Lazy Summer – Free Online Courses

Who doesn’t love to rest and do nothing for just a little bit, especially during summer holidays?

After working or studying all year long we all deserve a little treat in the form of lazy days.

Being lazy from time to time is totally normal, and I believe even useful to recover our physical and mental strength, get ready for a new day and a new battle.

However! August is that time of the year when some already start school, others shop for back to school items (best shopping sprees ever!) and everyone starts to get in the working and studying mood.

My “school” holidays started on the 1st of August (even though my work holidays will only be in September), a few days of not doing anything and focusing on my blog actually felt very refreshing. Refreshing to the point that I decided I wanted to study more but this time, something completely different.

I started searching for free online courses. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! The amount of free learning activities that are available to us right now is amazing! From material to learn by yourself, to different group courses, video courses, lectures, anything your heart desires.

My pick was a “Writing for the Web” course that starts today, August 8th, on the website I found it very useful considering that blogging is what I really love and at the same time seemed quite relaxing so it was easy to find time for it.

The course is one month long and I would love to write a couple of updates along the way, to let you know how it goes and if I actually learned something.

Let me know what you usually do during your summer holidays. I am looking for more ways to keep myself busy! (other than reading books of course)



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