Top 5 Things to Do this Winter

Autumn is officially over (for me!). My Christmas tree is out and decorated. There are socks hanging over the fireplace and I’ve got tons of incredibly smelling gingerbread candles to make my house smell like festive heaven!

I must admit this is probably the earliest I’ve ever started preparing for the winter festive season. While we are all excited about Christmas and New Year’s Eve (I even bought few x-mas presents already, can you believe that?!), it is also important to enjoy other winter activities!

I’ve compiled a short to-do list to make the most out of this Winter!

1 – SOFT SWEATERS, SCARFS, GLOVES AND HATS! It’s time to get comfortable and warm! There is nothing better than wearing a huge pompom hat and fluffy gloves (although we all know how much we hated these hats at high-school! I remember myself getting out of the visible range of my house’s windows and take the hat off IMMEDIATELY so no one could see me wearing it! Because it was cool to freeze your ears.. apparently. Now I would give anything to wear those hats again. Fun times!).

2 – There is no better excuse to BUY NEW BOOKs than Winter! It is becoming too cold for outside adventures! As we spend more time inside, it surely justifies our need to entertain ourselves with a new book set during the winter months! Or an epic Fantasy novel about powerful mages, evil warlocks and heroic warriors! Winter just screams – FANTASY! (If the books are bad we can burn them for warmth too! Wait… Who am I kidding?)

3 – GOING TO THE CINEMA! First of all, it’s warm in there. Second, there are tons of new amazing movies coming out this Winter that we must check on the release date!  Want some examples? Easy!

  • «Passengers» with amazing Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. A little bit of Sci-fi is exactly what we need in those cold winter evenings. There are robots and a spaceship, and many thrilling events that will keep us on the edge of the seat!


  • For all lovers of video games! Get excited to watch «Assassin’s Creed» on big screen! We played the game, we know the story, but how awesome will it be to sit back and enjoy the story about the mysterious secret society that we all know and love?! (Video games rule!)


  • Finally, the Star Wars fans will be getting a little treat as well! «Rogue One: A Star Wars Story» will be in the theaters just before Christmas! (A great early x-mas gift for your nerdy «Trekkies» *wink wink*).



nutcracker-hussar-red-37-cm-15-inch-1444648944__4260192221881_03-11-2021_11202-1_w4 – Watching «The Nutcracker». Be it an animated film, a movie, a ballet, anything you can get your hands on, DO IT!

It’s a wonderful classic story, a beautiful ballet piece that will get you in the Christmas mood (if you need a little push) and will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something

(Finally watched a masterpiece everyone talk about non-stop through the decades, now you can be the sophisticated one that initiate Nutcracker conversations! Exciting, right?!)

5 – And finally, get cosy! Warm blankets, soft socks and fluffy pets are a perfect way to keep yourselves warm. Light up some candles, turn down the lights, use the full potential of x-mas or fairy lights and compile a small list of x-mas presents for your friends and family. (make sure to leave no-one out! Even a postcard will be a great way to let someone know that you think about them during the most magical time of year!)

No matter how cold and unpleasant it might get outside, we can always finds ways to create our own magical land. Make the most out of these months and if you have any more ideas of things you only do in Winter, let us all know in the comments down below!

With love,



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