November 2016 | Wrap Up

What a success it was! It was busy, it was hectic and it had been a very very productive month. Just how I like it to be!

How well do you work under pressure? I found out that I tend to do so much more when I have no time for anything! Wake up early, work, blog, read, study (and watch 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls, because once you start watching Gilmore Girls it is impossible to stop!) and never stop – is exactly what works for me.

The books I read in November: (A very happy amount of 7 books!)

(mouseover the image to see my rating! – very handy, I know!)

I am back on track with my reading (after finishing the GoodReads challenge), and very excited for more amazing books in the month of December!

My Posts and Reviews in the month of November:

Wow, November was all about book review for me! (A very proud blogger right here).

How did November treat you? Was it good or was it naughty? Santa Claus needs to know everything about it! Let me (and him) know in the comments down below!

With love,



14 thoughts on “November 2016 | Wrap Up

    1. Yes yes yes!!! I am rewatching all season of Gilmore Girls with a friend who never seen it before! Can you believe that?! And then we will be watching new episodes (so excited)

      P.s. we finished season 5 last night! Getting closer and closer!

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      1. That sounds like so much fun! I should rewatch the show, but I feel like I rewatch it by listening to a podcast about it (Gilmore Guys) where they go through every episode of the show.
        You have two more seasons to go! Even though season seven is kinda meh. Once you watch the new epiosdes I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

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      2. Really? Gosh I feel like the whole world knows about them, they’ve got a lot of traction in the Gilmore community. I would recommend the listen, they are comedic & they’ve had almost everyone from the show on to chat. 😌

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  1. Yaaaasss, with the right amount of pressure, I feel like we can do so much more per day! And even throw in 5 seasons of a must-watch TV show! 😛 Great recap, you definitely went through a lot of great books this month! 🙂

    – Lashaan

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  2. Awesome book list for November–you read quite a few books I recognize and am curious about and/or own but haven’t had the chance to pick up yet! How did you like How to Be Someone Else? I’ve got it waiting for me on my kindle–hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soonish!

    Here’s hoping December treats you just as beautifully, and that you enjoy whichever books you pick up in the coming month! My Loved and Loathed (November 2016) post went up yesterday, if you’re interested in checking it out. No pressure or worries if you aren’t, though! Either way, happy book-ing, and happy December! ❤

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    1. Thank you 😙 You managed to read 13! I am so jealous right now. 😄
      How to be someone else turned out to be a one star read for me.. I guess I don’t like the genre that much (I was hoping for some YA contemporary). There is a review somewhere on my blog if you are interested. But maybe you will enjoy it more than I did. (Or should I say hate less?)

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      1. Awww no, I’m SO sorry to hear you didn’t like it much that so stinks! I hate it when that happens.

        I’ll definitely have to look up your review once I’ve read the book–that way I go into it unbiased, as I have a tendency of changing my mind when I read reviews bahaha.

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