Spring Wrap Up 2018 | Life, Blog & Reading Update


What seemed like rather uneventful 5 months, turned out to be a very busy time looking back. That is why I love doing wrap-ups so much, they give a perfect overview of my life, of things I did and things still to be done in the future.

This year started just as any other year, with celebrations, hopes and many promises to myself that (A) I will finally go to the gym and (B) get my life under control. I’m glad to announce that I kept at least one promise to myself, and have been going to the gym for the past 4 months! Continue reading “Spring Wrap Up 2018 | Life, Blog & Reading Update”

Snippets from my trip to Lisbon | April 2017

As holiday season is upon us, summer weather, school breaks and vacations, many of us are planning our own summer trips. This is a perfect time to show some of the places I was able to visit this and last year, and maybe show you some new places that are definitely worth visiting. Continue reading “Snippets from my trip to Lisbon | April 2017”

101: Trip Planning Part 2 – How Many Books Can Fit into a Carry On Bag

My holidays start at the end of the next week and I will be leaving on Friday evening (So excited, guys!).

This week will consist of packing, packing and more packing. So here I am! Continuing my Trip Planning series ( I am very sorry if these came late for all of you who already started school, college, uni or work – make sure to bookmark these for the next summer *wink*). Continue reading “101: Trip Planning Part 2 – How Many Books Can Fit into a Carry On Bag”