New-to-me Authors and Authors I’m giving up on in 2019!

I usually dedicate so much time talking about books, characters, plots, book covers, that the authors, whose valuable time and effort went into all those wonderful books, are left on the side benches waiting for their turn.

This is changing today!

As a way to review my reading in 2018, I compiled 2018 in a Glance page that is already up on my blog. Basically, the idea was the same as last year โ€“ to have a graphic representation of a few main information, for example, the total books read, best books of the year, most read genres and so on.

While preparing the end-of-the-year-page, I noticed that I havenโ€™t read that many great books in 2018. However, there were certain authors that were either new to me and I would love to continue reading more from, or authors that were no longer for me, as my reading tastes keep changing every year.

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Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi | 20 Things you should know before venturing into Furthermore


No matter how inviting magical worlds might be, one should never go unprepared and under-informed into the unknown. Especially when the unknown is a large world filled to the brim with mischief, treachery and magical secrets.


It is my job and duty to prepare curious boys and girls like you to the uncontrollable magic of Furthermore, as it is a far more dangerous place than you might let yourself to believe. Continue reading “Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi | 20 Things you should know before venturing into Furthermore”