The Test by Sylvain Neuvel | The most mind-blowing novella!

If you haven’t read «The Test» by Sylvain Neuvel, what are you doing with your life?! It’s incredible! Mind-blowing! Astounding! And many other positive adjectives that I can’t think of right now! 

The best way to experience this novella is to dive into the story blindly. The less you know the more surprised (and shocked!) you’ll be. The blurb for this book is very precise and I think it’s perfectly on point. How many times have we encountered long blurbs that spoiled half of the story? That’s why I tend to avoid reading them at all costs. (I’m the same with movie trailers, btw. Recent trailers are just a summarized version of movies and I don’t like watching them! 😀 )

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Science Fiction and Dystopian Books with numbers in the titles | Another Fall TBR!

I love TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) topics that I can put my own twist to. This week we are supposed to talk about Books with numbers in the titles, and I had a hard time deciding WHAT books exactly I wanted to talk about. There are just too many possibilities!

After starting to compile my lists for Books I read that had numbers in the titles and All Agatha Christie books with numbers in the titles. I decided to settle on a list of Dystopian and Sci-Fi books, creating another fall TBR! (this Autumn will be known as TBR Autumn). 

Just a few days ago I started reading a dystopian novel «Cell»* by Stephen King that reminded me why I used to love science fiction and apocalyptic books so much!

*This book is GREAT, btw! I’m more than half way through and have a trouble putting it down.

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The Rogue (Planets Shaken #1) by Lee W. Brainard | The Mishmash of events, people and ideas!

What would you do if you found out that an enormous comet was heading directly towards one of our neighbor-planets, which automatically puts in risk Earth and humankind?

What would you do if you knew that this is not some distant future and you only had a couple more years before the impact that could possibly change everything?  

Combining astronomy discoveries, scientific language and governmental conspiracy, «The Rogue» presents a dystopian world with backdrop of nowadays United States of America, where FBI and Homeland Security are portrayed more like men in black (and I am referring to their attire and not to the famous movie starring Will Smith), and remind a lot KGB in the Soviet Union.

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