Spotlight | «Two Days Gone» by Randall Silvis

You know how much I like mysteries. No! I LOVE mysterious mysteries and thrilling thrillers. I love crime novels with a lot of unanswered questions and then finally you get to the end of the story and EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE.

I love that feeling of unknown and the constant question in my head: “Who did it???” So when I got the chance to feature a new release by Randall Silvis on my blog, I couldn’t say no. Continue reading “Spotlight | «Two Days Gone» by Randall Silvis”


Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis | Who is the Murderer?

Thomas Huston is a college professor, a famous author who writes dark and mysterious novels. His family, his life and his career is envied by many. His sincere and intelligent personality captivates attention of his friends and his students. Everything was going so well. Until one night…

Did I manage to get your attention? Are you interested in what happens next? Because I sure was! The perfect life went downhill the night Thomas Huston’s family was found slaughtered in their own house. Killed with their own chef’s knife. And the trustworthy college professor ran away, seen by few neighbours and town visitors.

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