Burn by Patrick Ness | The most weird dragon book you’ll ever read!

I have a very special relationship with Patrick Ness’s books. They either break my heart in the smallest pieces [«A Monster Calls»] or leave me dumbfounded, wondering what the heck did I just read?! [«The Rest of Us Just Lives Here»]. «Burn» definitely falls more into the second category. While I liked the characters and the story more than in «The Rest of Us Just Lives Here», it was still a very weird book. 

That’s probably why I’ve been staying away from the Chaos Walking trilogy for now. I really want to love it, but I’m scared that it might be too weird for me and I won’t be able to connect to the characters the way I want to.

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On a peaceful Saturday morning, after opening my eyes around 7 am and wishing to just fall asleep again (we all know that once you are awake, you are awake for good!), my first thought was: “Let me catch up on some booktube action from this week!”

And so I cuddled up with my tablet under a warm cosy duvet and started watching my favourite bookstagrammers. When video by MercysBookishMusings caught my attention! She was talking about something exciting that took place on the very same day! COSY READING NIGHT on February 11th! You can already imagine my excitement. Continue reading “What I Read During COSY READING NIGHT!”