TV adaptations I want to watch before the end of the year!

Look at me joining on two Top Ten Tuesday memes in a row! This week we are actually supposed to be talking about Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies, but since me and my BF are currently looking for a new TV show to watch, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explore the TV world and see if I can find TV shows that appeal to me to watch this year.

Since we finished watching the Walking Dead (there is still one episode left but I don’t know when it will be released *emoji*), I’ve been really struggling to find something captivating enough to watch. We tried «Expanse» and it’s kinda “meh”, in my opinion. Then we tried «The Outsider» and once again it wasn’t that great. We are still watching «The 100», the last two episodes will be coming out this month, but that’s pretty much it. 

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6 Games you ought to know before reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


I remember the first time I read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and how curious I was to discover and learn more about Art, Novels and obscure references used by the author.

This same feeling hit me when I was reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. When so much work goes into one novel, it is impossible to not want to learn more, to understand all of the references and to “educate” yourself on all of the 80s pop culture present in the book. Continue reading “6 Games you ought to know before reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline”

Book vs Movie: Stardust by Neil Gaiman


Book: Stardust
Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: АСТ Москва
Year: 2009
Rating: ★★★ / 5

It was a light easy read, a true fairytale. For some reason its simple storyline, naive characters, subtle romance, magic world and creatures made me very happy.

I wish I would have a physical copy of this book (I read it as an e-book) so I’d be able to bookmark every page that made me smile or just feel bubbly and childish so every time I have a bad day I’d go back and reread those quotes or pages to become a kid for just a little bit, believing in a good versus evil battle where the difference between black and white is crystal clear.

The book tells us a story of Tristran Thorn, a naive (as he seemed to me) young boy, his journey to prove his unending love for a beautiful girl, going through different adventures as he wandered in a mystical world, meeting magical creatures, some good some bad, some friends some foes.

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