Authors I discovered this year| And other honorable mentions!

This year has been amazing so far in terms of new genres, new releases and new-to-me authors. There were quite a lot of them that I would like to read more from, considering that their books made it to my 2017 favourites list that I will be sharing with all of you closer to the end of this year.

Surprisingly, almost all of them write General Fiction novels and itโ€™s not a genre I pick up often, but when I do, it usually turns out to be a great experience. Maybe I should dedicate more of my reading time to Adult Fiction? Growing up is a very complicated process, especially when your reading tastes grows with you. Continue reading “Authors I discovered this year| And other honorable mentions!”


The Leavers by Lisa Ko | A Tragic Story of Deming Guo or a New Life of Daniel Wilkinson?

This was an incredible start to the month of May! I loved this book so much!

It is a captivating life story of Deming Guo and his motherโ€™s immigration into the United States of America. The story telling is not linear, we jump back and forth between characters and between different time periods.

We see the story from Daniel Wilkinsonโ€™s point of view, of him struggling to understand what he wants from life, who he wants to be, and then we jump back in time when Daniel was still Deming Guo, living in a poor part of New York with his mom, her boyfriend, his sister and nephew in the tiniest apartment. Continue reading “The Leavers by Lisa Ko | A Tragic Story of Deming Guo or a New Life of Daniel Wilkinson?”