Book Reviews | How to overcome writer’s block

Blog posts about reviews are not scarce, there are many “how to”, “when to” and “what to” guides from many book bloggers. And do you know why? Because writing reviews is hard. To overcome our difficulties, we try to provide guidelines, advices and rules that would simplify our life as book critics.

Not so long ago, Drew wrote a very interesting post «There is no right or wrong way to review». I have also written previously on How to get back on track with reviews and also a discussion post about Why do we keep writing them.

But there is always time when we hit this wall again. Stare at the blank page for many hours without knowing how to start our review. Can this be considered “writer’s block”? I definitely think it is. In fact, we are writers, even if some don’t consider blogging as the type of creative writing.

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March Goals | Or how to stay on track!

Let me start by saying that this post is not going to be a guide of any sort. More so a reminder to myself on how to stay focused on my Reading and Blogging Goals and learn to manage my time better because who doesn’t want that!

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When you are struggling to write reviews | A few steps that will make your blogging and ‘reviewing’ life much easier!

Don’t even think that I have it all figured out when it comes to staying on top of reviewing books. No, I struggle just as much as everyone else and sometimes even more. However! Being a perfectionist and just a person who easily gets nervous when too many things start to pile up, I had to learn some tricks that would pull the weight off my shoulders and help me to power through the huge TO-DO list.
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Guide to Reading and Reviewing ARCs | How to embrace the ARC’s DNF

Unlike the title might suggest, this is not an actual textbook guide. I have been blogging for over a year now and reading and reviewing ARCs for almost the entirety of it. I cannot call myself an expert but I can share my process with you and maybe you will find it helpful, you are also welcome to leave some of your own tips in the comment section below! Continue reading “Guide to Reading and Reviewing ARCs | How to embrace the ARC’s DNF”

How to Find Time to Read When You Simply Don’t Have Time!

Let’s talk about time, shall we?

As that’s all I’ve been thinking about lately.

  • How to squeeze reading time intothe working week?
  • How to keep posting on my beloved blog while managing other things?
  • When do I find time to take photos for my blog now it gets dark so early?

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How to stay at the top of your game

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101: Trip Planning Part 3 – What to Read on the Go

In the previous parts we spoke about everything we need to do and pack for our holidays; this part is dedicated to the most interesting topic of them all: WHAT TO READ WHILE WE TRAVEL. Continue reading “101: Trip Planning Part 3 – What to Read on the Go”

Book Buying Addiction

This article will probably be more of a reminder for myself than written for anyone else, but Hey! We need to do all it takes to make sure we don’t spend much on books we won’t even read, right?

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