March Wrap Up | 2017

Days are getting longer and brighter, there are so much more you can squeeze into 24 hours. That must be one of the main reasons why I love Spring so much. Spring usually came with greenness and flowers, rustling of new leaves and tweets, but since I moved to Portugal there is no distinctive season transition as I was used to before and I grew to love the daylight savings (the only change, besides temperature, that announces a new season).

Comparing to February, March was a “catching up” and “try to stay away from reading slump” month. I was able to catch up with my Classic a Month Reading Challenge, read some ARCs due in April and May, and just to enjoy my reading time overall. Continue reading “March Wrap Up | 2017”


When Inspiration is playing hide and seek | Top 4 Hiding Places

Shhh! It’s not cheating! We are just preparing and strategizing for our beloved childhood game!

It seems that no matter how old we get, Inspiration always stays a child and keeps playing it tricky games with us. Fear no more! These places will make you the winner of every game! Continue reading “When Inspiration is playing hide and seek | Top 4 Hiding Places”