The Christmas Book Blogger Tag | Sharing my favorite Christmas moments!

As I sat here listening to the Harry Potter playlist and writing posts for the upcoming weeks (and also sneakily blog hopping and reading all of the amazing holiday content that you, guys, are putting out). I kept seeing more and more festive book tags! And even though it takes me months (sometimes years) to do the tag I was actually tagged for (I’m so sorry for that!!), apparently, doing the Christmass-y tags doesn’t require any motivation whatsoever!

I’ve seen the “Joy of Christmas” and also “The Festive Christmas Book Tag” going around, which I’m planning to do soon. But today I found this amazing “The Christmas Book Blogger Tag” on Confessions of the Book Geek that was created by Between my Lines.

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Holiday Reads Recommendations!

I’m starting this Holiday series with Top Ten Tuesday meme and some book recommendations for the most wonderful time of the year. This post contains a bunch of my all time favorite books. I tried to include different categories for different readers so that no-one would feel left out during the magical Christmas time!

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Christmas BookHaul | Because I can never have enough books!

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Classic Christmas Stories

Just about a week ago I posted my selection of Christmas books and then something hit me! “How can we talk about Christmas reading without including some of the best and most famous classics?!” Each title fills me with warmth (like a sip of mulled wine *wink wink*).

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New Look for Christmas!

Just as in Autumn, it is time to finally make my blog as X-masy as my house! Christmas trees, fairy lights and tons of sparkles – all I need to feel extra festive during this time of the year.

As I am writing this small “update post” I would love if you could link your Instagram / Twitter and Goodreads accounts in the comments down below! I am always searching for new and amazing accounts to follow and to get inspired 

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Top 6 Books for a Perfect Christmas Mood

Last week we posted our November Wrap Ups, December TBRs and got very excited for the month of X-masy posts, cold winter, snow and gift hunting!

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