Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda | A perfect YA thriller for darker evenings!

I loved this book! Simple as that. It was such a gripping, dark thriller. Absolutely perfect for Autumn and Halloween. This was my first book by Megan Miranda, but I will definitely pay much more attention to her books from now.  If you have any recommendations, make sure to leave them in the comments below. Continue reading “Fragments of the Lost by Megan Miranda | A perfect YA thriller for darker evenings!”


Gray Wolf Island by Tracey Neithercott | A very controversial subject. Was it appropriate for YA audience?

Sometimes it feels like authors have gone too far. I believe that YA is separated from Adult for a reason, not just because the characters fall into a certain age category but also because there are certain issues, subjects and problems that can be brought up in Adult literature and need to be carefully presented, if at all, in YA.

This one of those books. Continue reading “Gray Wolf Island by Tracey Neithercott | A very controversial subject. Was it appropriate for YA audience?”

Epic Fantasy series I am interested in!

It’s been what feels like a very long time since I properly dove into the great fantasy worlds, full of magic, castles, knights and epic wars. And there is a great variety of new and old fantasy series and standalones to choose from!

These are just a few of the books I’ve got my eye on for quite a long time. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of them in the comments down below! Continue reading “Epic Fantasy series I am interested in!”

Most Anticipated Releases | June 2017

This post is a little bit late this month, but there are some VERY good books coming out in June and I just have to share them with all of you!

As you all know, May was an amazing month of popular book releases. June will be a little bit quieter and there are a few books that I am not as excited about as everyone else, but I will include them in a separate category for people that might be anticipating. Continue reading “Most Anticipated Releases | June 2017”

Spring BookHaul | 2017

Spring is a wonderful season. Even though in Portugal you cannot see clear distinctions between the seasons as everything stays green all year around, Spring still is my favourite time of the year. Besides, that is the time of mine and my blog’s anniversaries. It is only right that I celebrate these wonderful events with some book shopping and so I accumulated 14 books for the past three month that I would like to share with all of you. Continue reading “Spring BookHaul | 2017”

Book Buying Addiction

This article will probably be more of a reminder for myself than written for anyone else, but Hey! We need to do all it takes to make sure we don’t spend much on books we won’t even read, right?

I came up with few tips that I have been using myself for few months now and honestly, they work! Continue reading “Book Buying Addiction”