Audiobooks I listened to during Scribd’s free 30 days trial! | Mini-Reviews

Yesterday was the last day of my Scribd free trial. I’m feeling rather sad that it’s over, but at the same time, I feel almost relieved that I don’t need to search for things to do that would allow me to listen to books. I’m not a natural audiobook listener. Yes, it’s a great tool that makes multitasking possible, and also makes all house chores WAAAY more fun to do. But I still prefer reading a book rather than listening to it. 

As I planned to take full advantage of that 30-days free trial, I listened to a bunch of books that I don’t feel like reviewing separately. 😀 That’s why we are here today. I thought it would be fun to (1) count the hours I spent listening to audiobooks in the last 30 days and (2) talk about books! 

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10 Books that scream “autumn” | My obsession with yellow color continues!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I love every shade, from almost browns to pale pastel yellows. And that is the main color I associate with Autumn season. The yellow is everywhere – in the leaves, the pumpkins, and even the clothes (in my favorite mustard yellow ❤ )!

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All Audiobooks I listened to this year!

I’m joining the Top 5 Tuesday meme today, created by Shanah from BionicBookwormBlog. It’s been a while since I posted any TTT posts, mainly because the topics of the past weeks (months) weren’t my cup of tea. I’ve been seeing many To 5 Tuesday posts out there and thought it would be fun to finally join this meme as well!

This week we are supposed to give you our top 5 audiobooks. But since I’ve only listened to SEVEN audiobooks this year, I might as well talk about all of them! 

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Pros & Cons of Audio Books | 10 Things I love and don’t love about Audio Books

At the beginning of every year, I go through the “audio book phase”. It’s that period of time when everyone (including myself) is obsessed about time management, new year’s goals and efficiency.

As a result, I keep downloading Audio book apps and force myself to be more productive! Use my time wisely, and so on. If I could double the number of books I read every month by listening to audio books while doing other things, that would be AMAZING!

This is my 3rd year attempting to listen to audio books and after some trial and error, I found some pros and cons, and I would love for all of you to add more things to this list!

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