QuickFire Fantasy Book Tag | Some of my favorite fantasies!

The time has finally come for me to do this tag (almost a year later… Sorry, Jack!). In October last year, I was tagged by Jack @Jacksbedtimereading to do the QuickFire Fantasy book tag. Thank you so much for tagging me! Even though I do my tags late, I still love to participate in them, so thank you very much for thinking of me. 🙂 

Fantasy and Sci-Fi are the two genres I read the most every year, although I do love Literary Fiction and Mysteries as well. However, I can’t call myself a fantasy expert. There are still so many fantasy worlds I haven’t visited and so many fantasy series I want but haven’t read! 

Since this tag is rather short and supposed to be a “quickfire” style, I’ll try to stay concise and promote some of my favorite fantasy series!

The Rules:
1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
2 – Link to the creator’s blog (Jo @ The Bookworm Dreamer) in your post. 
3 – Answer the prompts below – all fantasy books!
4 – Tag 5 others to take part.
5 – Enjoy!


All of the Harry Potter books. I know there is a lot of controversy about the series and JK Rowling at the moment, but the fact that I grew up reading and re-reading Harry Potter will remain the same. I love it more than any other series I’ve ever read and I don’t think this will ever change. Even though I wasn’t on Goodreads at the time of reading these books, and I didn’t rate them back then, there is no doubt that all of them would be 5-star reads! 


«The Bear and the Nightingale» by Katherine Arden. One of the main reasons I love NetGalley is the possibility to discover new favorite books, new favorite series, and new favorite authors. And that was the case with «The Bear and the Nightingale»! I’m so glad that I got approved for the first book and had the chance to fall head over heels for Vasya and Russian folklore. 


So many! Lol

The ones that I really want to read soon (*cough*) are The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin | The Ancestors trilogy by Mark Lawrence | Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab | Themis Files by Sylvain Neuvel | The Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff | The Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. 


«The Rage of Dragons» by Evan Winter. I loved this book so much more than I expected. And even though I didn’t give it 5-stars, it’s the only book I’ve been thinking about for months now. Can’t wait for the sequel and would love to re-read it before plunging into book 2. 


«Saving Fable» by Scott Reintgen. So far I’ve read every single book by Scott Reintgen – his Nyxia trilogy, «Ashlords» – the first book in his new duology and also «Saving Fable» the first book in his middle-grade series. I love them all! «Saving Fable» was definitely one of the most unique settings I’ve ever read about – in it we visit the world of characters. This is where the book characters live and learn BEFORE being selected by the authors and featured in a story. Isn’t this fascinating? 


Dark Gifts trilogy by Vic James. Yet another fantastic series I discovered through NetGalley, which deserves so much more attention and love. The full trilogy is out and I highly recommend you to check it out. It’s set in our world, but a slightly different version of our world – more dystopian and fantastic and I loved everything about it: from political intrigue to romance, Vic James kept surprising me more and more with each installment. 

This was quick enough, wasn’t it? 😀 I never seem to be able to find a middle ground when it comes to writing book tags. I either rant for days or have nothing to say.

TAGS: Jacqueline | Pri Reads | Kaycee | Finn | Elizabeth

And if I haven’t tagged you, I’d love to see your answers in the comments below!🤗

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12 thoughts on “QuickFire Fantasy Book Tag | Some of my favorite fantasies!

  1. I still need to read The Bear and the Nightingale… I was going to buy the book years ago, but when I couldn’t find it at the bookstore I gave up and just never tried to buy it again… I know, what’s wrong with me? 😅
    I’m going to have to read it soon!

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  2. Loved reading your answers, this seems like a really interesting tag 😀 I’m actually glad the Harry Potter books were never really part of my childhood. I read them when I was 16 and they helped me cope with a difficult time in my life, and for so long describing my personality was the same as reciting the slytherin house values XD However, J K Rowling’s behavior is completely unacceptable, and I will not continue to support her any further. I’m mostly sad whenever I see people, especially on Portuguese bookstagram, saying they’re separating the art from the author (when that’s not completely possible) and pretending J K Rowling didn’t even write the series, so it justifies their support of the books. It’s possible to continue to enjoy the books without giving her more money )):

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    1. Whenever I think about Harry Potter, JK Rowling is not the first image that pops into my mind. I think immediately on those days I used to be obsessed with the books and that makes me very happy. I understand people who say that they want nothing to do with HP and JKR but I also understand those who attempt to “separate” things, I think it’s mostly because they love that fantasy world so much that it pains them to part with it, so they need to come up with mechanisms to cope or to justify things for themselves.
      The trans fans were the most affected, and tbh I saw comments from trans fans in both directions, so I’m not quite sure yet where I stand. I don’t plan to purchase HP merch, but I never really did, however, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to start disliking the story itself because of the author. It’s all very complicated! 🙂

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