A reflection post | Did I actually incorporate these reading habits?

Exactly one year ago, I made a post about bookish habits I wanted to add to my routine. It’s about time for me to take a look back on the past 12 months and see if I actually incorporated these habits. Or maybe see if I tried them and they didn’t work for me. Basically, another reflection post I tend to love writing 😀 

At the time of creating these habits, my goal was to be more organized when it comes to reading. I love the idea of having dedicated time and mind-space for reading, but we all know that it’s not always possible. 

One huge change that I made last year was my excel spreadsheet where I track all of the books I read, but I also use it as my TBR reminder. All of the ARCs I receive, book club books, the next installments in book series – everything goes into this spreadsheet, where I try to prioritize books for the upcoming months. So far, it’s been working great! I’ve been more strict with myself when it comes to my TBR and managed to stay on top of all ARCs I requested this year. My NetGalley ratio stayed at 90%+ the whole year, which is amazing. 

Let’s take a look at these habits! 

Habit N.º 1Read every day

It’s currently day 23 of my reading experiment to read every single day for a month. Surprisingly, it’s going very well, I missed only a few days so far. But I’m not sure if this is a habit I want to stick. I will share my thoughts on this with you next month. 

Habit N.º 2Pick up books that I actually love

i.e. do not fall victim of the hype. This year has been much better than the previous one. I definitely read a lot of 4 and 5-star books. I have tons of new favorites, and in general, I’ve been very cautious about ARCs I’m requesting. 

Habit N.º 3Review books as soon as I finish them

100% Yes. This has been the main change I’ve made in my reading / blogging routine. I don’t want to jinx it, but I tend to stay on top of my reviews / NetGalley feedback, etc. And it feels great! 

Habit N.º 4DNF books more often and earlier

I have been doing that as well. This year I’ve been ruthless. If I’m not loving the book, I will put it down. And if I don’t feel like picking it back up, I will DNF it, even if I read more than 50% of it. 

Habit N.º 5Remember to add books to my Goodreads TBR shelf  X

Hmm, I still forget to do that, but it’s alright. I no longer feel the need to work on this habit, I’m happy with my Goodreads shelves as they are. 

Habit N.º 6Read sequels

And once again, big YES. Each month I try to add at least one sequel to my TBR and so far it’s been working. Although, I’m finishing series slower than I wanted, but it’s something I can work on in the future.


Not bad at all! It goods to see that for once I wrote a post with some goals and didn’t forget about them. 😀 Speaking of posts and goals, I still need to read my 5-star predictions… It’s been almost 6 months since I made that list and I haven’t read a single one of them. Oh my…

What do you think of thee habits? Is there anything you want to change in your reading routine? 🤔

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35 thoughts on “A reflection post | Did I actually incorporate these reading habits?

  1. That’s great, Alex. Seems like you did a great job with most of your goals. The question now is, did it come easy to you to make these changes? Or was it something you struggled with?
    I think I should do something like this as well, maybe for the rest of the year? I don’t know. 🙂

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    1. Highly recommend to do this little experiment. It actually wasn’s that difficult, to be honest. As soon as I started to track my progress and hold myself accountable, it was a pretty natural change. 🙂


  2. Great job! those are great habits 🙂 I also want to read everyday, but usually when I have the time I opt for Netflix… I hope you get to read your 5-star predictions soon and that they live up to the prediction too of course!

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    1. In July, I tried reading EVERY SINGLE DAY, and tbh I don’t think I want to keep it up, but I definitely want to have some reading time during the working week so that I don’t leave all my reading for the weekend. Find balance, basically 😀

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  3. Omg I’m always forgetting to add books to my TBR! I’ll see a great book on someone’s blog and get super excited. Comment that I want to read it and then move on to the next post and by the end of my blog hop have forgotten whose blog it was that had the great book and will also have forgotten the author and title of the book…. I DESPAIR 😩😂😂😂
    I should do the whole make myself read sequels thing. I’m always putting off sequels because I can never remember what happened in the first book…notice a trend with dodgy memory lol 😂 my memory is the worst, it’s a side effect of a particular med I’ve had to take over the years 🙄🙄 which is why I always review books as soon as I read them. Definitely my favourite of your good reading habits ☺️☺️💛💜💙

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    1. Ahah, I’m the same. I just gave up on it tbh. If I REALLY want to read certain book, I’m sure I’ll add it to my TBR eventually, and if not… well, there are enough there to keep me busy for a couple decades at least. Lol

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  4. This was alot of fun to read and I can so relate to some of them. I have changed my reading alot this year, and especially my book buying habits. I´m so bad at reading series and I have to work with that. I finished one series I´ve had for forever this year and it felt so nice!

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  5. Love this! I had some similar goals this year too. I’ve been reading daily (I try to read at least an hour a day) and I’ve noticed that waking up earlier than usual and reading in the morning helps. I have to learn to be ruthless like you in DNFing books though, I struggle lol!

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  6. You’re killin it! (: These all seem like great goals, I need to do something like this myself! I also love the idea of having a bookish spreadsheet to log books, pages, ratings, hauls, etc! I think I’m def going to implement this! ❤️

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    1. Thank you ❤ With blog and NetGalley and wanting to stay "relevant", it's very easy to start picking up books that might not be for you. I really tried this year to only focus on books that make me the most excited, and pass on everything else, even if it's one of the most anticipated books of the year in the bookish community.

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  7. Yay, 5 out of 6 is great!! I’m working hard on all of these, as well. I’ve definitely been more decisive about my arcs this year, which has felt so much better. 😊

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  8. This is awesome! Well done on incorporating so many of the habits that you set out to do 😉 Teach me your ways of discipline because I suck so badly at doing that haha I’m still working on DNFing books I don’t enjoy and although I’ve managed to actually DNF two books this year (I’m so proud) it’s still really hard to let go of the guilt! Haha

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    1. Thank you so much, hun! and so good to see you blog hopping again ❤
      With DNFs, I always try to give books a fair shot, but when I'm really struggling with it, I think about all the other books I could have read and loved instead of forcing myself to read smth I'm not enjoying. Usually that works. 😀


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I really tried this year to stay on top of series I start, and read at least one sequel per month, but I still feel like it’s not enough to catch up. Lol I might make it my priority in 2021 to read fantasy series. 😀


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