The Reading Rush | The shortest books I could find!

Hi, guys! The last couple of weeks have been so hectic that I feel like I haven’t talked to you in a while. I had a big chunk of my posts written and scheduled for July, so this is the first one I’m writing in a long time! 

My reading has been going pretty well so far. As you know, I’m traveling through books this month, and I already visited 3 out of 4 destinations. I hope to read the final book and travel to Afganistan this week, so I can start The Reading Rush week with a freshly set TBR 😀 

The Reading Rush is one of my favorite read-a-thons and the very first I participated in back in 2017 (when it was still called Booktube-a-thon!). I participate every year and have been anticipating this one for quite some time now. I might have gone a bit crazy with my TBR, but I can always switch things around if necessary 😀


IF (somehow) I manage to read all of these books in one week, that would be a total of 1869 pages! Which is crazy, as I never usually read so many pages in one week, but Hey! I can definitely try to read all of these in one week, and if necessary I have a couple of graphic novels as a back up.

Will you participate in the Reading Rush this year?
What books are you planning to read?

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21 thoughts on “The Reading Rush | The shortest books I could find!

        1. Well… because of all JK Rowling controversy on twitter, G decided that this NEWTs will be the last one, and she will be re-working all of the read-a-thon to move away a little bit from HP.

          I know there are prompts and stuff for this NEWTs, so that people who want to finish and get their careers done can do so. But she won’t be hosting it, there won’t be any social media activities, etc.

          The prompts were already announced in one of her latest vlogs, but it’s all very low key.

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        2. Ooooo … that’s a good point. It’s hard, because I do love HP and I always will — but it’s really hard to even look at the books without thinking about how awful Rowling is … I will always love HP, but I think it’s good to step back. Wise choice.

          I’m excited for a new one though! She’s SUPER talented so I honestly think that no matter what she does, it’ll be great.

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  1. You got this!! Cheering you on from behind my own crazy tbr pile 😂 I’m trying to find a few shorter books/graphic novels to balance out the heavier ones, but it’ll be a challenging week, for sure!!

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    1. Ahaha, thank you!!! 😀 I also have 2 graphic novels that I can throw in there if things don’t go as planned. BUT! If things do go as planned, I hope to read all 7 AND some graphic novels. Lol Dreaming big here. 😀
      Good luck with your TBR!!! ❤

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  2. I just discovered The Reading Rush when they held the Stay Home Reading Rush earlier this year. I loved that it helped me cross off some backlist books. I’m planning on participating, but I’m not sure how much I’ll get done. I need to work on a tbr! 😉 Good luck!!

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  3. Nice choices, good luck! I never participated but I thought I’d try this year. 🙂 I already made a list of books and now I’m thinking I should choose some shorter ones. xD Hopefully it will be sunny, because I’ll shut myself on my terrace, where my sister will supply food and drinks. xD

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