Mid-Year Goals Review | How did I do in 2020 so far?

The first semester of 2020 was full of unpleasant surprises. But I still was able to take some advantage of the quarantine and a little bit more free time to keep up or finalize some of the things that have been sitting on my to-do list for far too long. 

I love to constantly review my yearly goals to make sure that I know what the next steps will be in accomplishing them. 6 months mark feels like a good time to take a look at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year, see if I accomplished / failed any, and adjust them for the remaining 6 months. 

As I was preparing this post, I stumbled upon this blog post by Jill, which I found very helpful. She gave a list of questions to ask yourself that will help you analyze them better. There is also a guide you can download and fill in, which is incredible. I will be using some of her questions to give myself and you a better overview of how my first semester of 2020 went. Let’s begin!


1. What have you accomplished over the past six months (goal related or not)?

READING: I’m happy to announce that I mostly achieved all of my reading goals for this year. Some of them were more of guidelines than actual goals, but I’m happy that I was able to stick with them. 

So! I read over 50 books and finished my Goodreads challenge very early. I stayed on top of all of my ARCs and new releases and did a great job of tracking books I read and review so that I don’t sit on my reviews for too long. At the time of me writing this post, I’m completely caught up on all reviews. 

At the end of this year, I’m planning to make a post about my excel spreadsheet where I track my reading, as I think it really helped me to stay on track with my reading and blogging goals. 

OTHER: I also managed to:

  • finalize all of my study notes – I feel much more prepared for the exams now! 
  • finish all pending tasks at work – you know, the ones that aren’t urgent, but need to get done eventually? As work did slow down a bit, I was finally able to dedicate more of my time to organizing everything and it feels great!
  • write many blog posts I’m truly proud of. My blog is doing better and better every year, and I love seeing it grow so much. Thank you all for being wonderful friends! 
2. What are your 3 proudest accomplishments?

N.º 1 is definitely the study notes. I honestly was dreading doing it, but I actually loved the process and feel more confident now. There is still a lot to do before my exams, but I feel like I’m one step closer. 

N.º 2 is how far my blog has gotten over the last 12 months. I much more consistent with my posts now and I really feel like I made some great friends here. ❤ 

N.º 3 is my new mindset. I’m even more organized than I ever was and it definitely pays off, as I’m able to accomplish more tasks throughout the week. 

3. What goals were a challenge?

Everything exams related. It was a challenge and it still is a challenge. 

4. What goals no longer feel relevant?

The “learn something new every month” one. I miserable failed at it. And I just don’t have the desire to dedicate my time to it at the moment. That doesn’t mean, however, that I won’t revisit it in the future. 

5. What mistakes did I make and what did I learn from those mistakes?

My number 1 mistake has always been putting things off for tomorrow. I hate doing it and I know that I just pile up those tasks and make life harder for myself. This year, I’ve been working on my productivity and time management quite a lot, and I feel like I am improving, even if slowly. 

6. What areas of strength did I identify from accomplishing my goals?

That I can actually accomplish things I set for myself. I always dread my to-do lists. But, you know what? If the task is on my to-do list, I will 100% accomplish it. 

7. What behaviors/habits were the most helpful in accomplishing my goals or progressing toward my goals?

Planning my days, weeks and months ahead of time and break big tasks into smaller ones. I love my Google Calendar and I don’t know how I lived all my life without using it. It helps me so much to get everything done and feel productive by the end of the day. 


8. What are my top 3 goals for the remainder of the year?

Since my reading and blogging have been going very well, I won’t be setting any new goals in this area of my life. Instead, I want to give my full attention to studying. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 

9. What is my “why” for the goals I’ve set.

Finishing and succeeding in my lawyers’ bar exams will be a HUGE step in my career. I’m very nervous about it too. Lol 

10. What challenges do I anticipate and how will I overcome?

I know I will be procrastinating A LOT. So to avoid that, I will need to set smaller tasks for myself at any given time. 

At this point, I just want my studies to be over. The exams were pushed back for the end of the year due to COVID , and it means I will be nervous for longer than anticipated 😀

Did you achieve any of your goals this year? Did you discard any? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Mid-Year Goals Review | How did I do in 2020 so far?

    1. Thank you, hun! I did set up “lighter” goals this year due to exams, but I’m very glad that they are now out of the way. And since my exams were postponed to the end of this year, I can now focus solely on studying. (as if that will happen 😀 )

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  1. You’re doing so well!! And breaking bigger tasks down into smaller goals is the best advice. It really works for everything. Small steps. I need to remember that more. Good luck with studying. I know you’ll do great! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like you had a very productive start to the year reading-wise! Congrats on finishing your Goodreads Reading Challenge, that’s awesome!
    Hopefully the second half of the year is just as, if not more, productive for you!
    Good luck on your bar exam! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, hun!!! I’ve been making some progress in exam preparation, and I finally feel less nervous about it. Phew! I also bumped my GR challenge to 100 books. This will be the first year I’ll finally read 100!!!! I’m currently at 73ish, so I think it’s more than doable 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats Alex! It’s amazing how much you are kicking 2020’s butt when it’s been SUCH a *delightful* year. Hope that the next six months bring more happy productivity and best of luck with those exams 💜💖❤️💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I just want this year to end on a high note (i.e. me passing the exams) and then finally relax next year, stop thinking about studying all the time and don’t feel guilty about reading “for fun” 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am scared to look at the goals I made for 2020, because I know I probably didn’t accomplish or get close to accomplishing them. This year has just been way too crazy and stressful, so I kind of just shut down.

    That’s amazing that you were able to mostly achieve all of your reading goals this year. I am totally jealous, because I know I haven’t so far with mine. OOPS. 😛 I hope the second half of the year is amazing for you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We can always readjust our goals! With everything that happened and still happening, we definitely don’t need more things to feel stressed about. 🙂 I really hope that 2021 will be a much better year… Although, there are still 6 months of 2020 left, which can turn this year around!

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  5. This is amazing, you’re awesome!!! Congrats on finishing your notes and completing your Goodreads challenge! I hope the rest of 2020 will bring even more great things ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much!!! ❤ The exams were supposed to be in June and I was supposed to be all done with them by now, but… Hopefully, by the end of this year we will be able to complete all internship staff and get over with ❤

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