5 Popular Fantasy Series I want to binge-read!

Hi, guys! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy and reading tons of books! [or not, as long as you’re doing something equally pleasing and exciting]. 

Usually, Tuesdays are reserved for Top Ten Tuesday meme, but this week I wasn’t really feeling the theme and decided to explore other memes! So here I am, joining in on Top 5 Tuesday instead! 😀 Follow the link to the Bionic Bookworm Blog to find out more about this weekly meme! 

This week’s topic is 5 popular books I haven’t read yet, and next week’s topic is 5 series I want to start, so I decided to combine these two and compile a list of book series I would really like to binge-read sometime this year.

If you have other recommendations of some great fantasy series that are totally binge-worthy, please leave your suggestions in the comments below! 


1 – The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

It’s going to happen, guys! I’m telling you! I was meant to start reading «Elantris» in February… Still haven’t read it and still haven’t picked up «The Final Empire» 🤦‍♀️

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my physical TBR [the same happened with «The Winter of the Witch»], but all I need to do is start reading it, try a chapter or two and see myself getting sucked in the new magical world.

2 – The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski

Can I even binge this? How many books are in this series?! I definitely want to. I love the video games, all three. I loved the new Netflix Show and can’t wait for season 2, I love Slavic folklore! There is literally nothing about Witcher I won’t love.

3 – The Bone Season Trilogy by Samantha Shannon

I’ve been looking at this trilogy for a looong time. It sounds very good, something I will definitely enjoy. Especially, because of all political intrigue that it promises to deliver. Some reviews are not so positive, I have to admit that, but I really hope to love this series.

4 – An Ember in the Ashes Series by Sabaa Tahir

I feel like everyone has read at least the first book in this series. All of my GoodReads friends for sure! Some of you really liked it, some not so much [looking at you, Emer. ihihi] but this sounds like something I will (?) might (?) enjoy. And I won’t know until I give it a try!

5 – The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

Ever since Regan @PeruseProject mentioned this trilogy, I’ve been meaning to binge it, especially because I went and bought the entire thing! So it’s better be good! 😀

There are many more book series out there that I would loke to (1) finish, (2) get caught up with and (3) start, but oh my… the number of series I’ve already started is absolutely crazy, and I really need to stop starting series and start finishing them [I love that sentence 😀 ]

What other book series you love and recommend to binge? Leave your recommentdations in the comments below!

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38 thoughts on “5 Popular Fantasy Series I want to binge-read!

  1. I really want to pick up the 5th Season too! Heard so much good about it. And I’m surprised you haven’t read Mistborn… I thought everyone had! Hope you enjoy them when you finally get to them.🤭😄

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    1. 😀 there are too many books I HAVEN’T read. Lol
      I actually started «Elantris» last night, only read the first chapter but really loved it. So now I don’t know what to do… on one hand I still need to finish my OWLs TBR and read a couple of ARCs for May, on the other hand, I really REALLY liked how Elantris was starting and wanna continue reading it. Constant dilemma 😀


  2. ah, fantasy is my favorite genre, and there are so many fantasy books I haven’t read, so I kinda relate to you! i’ve wanted to read Mistborn for years, and I finally picked it up last month! though some parts of it were disappointing, it was still a good read–I’m currently reading the sequel, and it’s so good so far! I also want to read The Fifth Season 🥺 I’ve heard many, many good things, but the worldbuilding and writing of the Broken Earth series are so intimidating to me

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    1. Yay! for starting the Mistborn!!! 😀 I tried to read a few pages of «Elantris» last night [as I want to read it before Mistborn] and really enjoyed the setting. The Fifth Season series will definitely be one of my favorites [I can feel it! 😀 ].

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  3. This topic isn’t until next week so I can’t add you to the list yet. I will hopefully remember to add you when my post goes live! One book that will make my list FOR SURE is The Broken Earth trilogy! So many people talk about that one as being totally mind-blowing and I need to know why! LOL

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    1. Ahah, that’s alright 😀 I mixed both topics in one. That’s exactly how I feel about the Broken Earth as well. Everyone seems to love it, and I just need to finally pick it up and read the whole thing so I can join the NK Jemisin fan club.

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  4. I also want to binge the Mistborn series … Is it all done? I also plan to binge the Witcher. I have the two prequels so I plan to buy the others once I know that I will actually want to (I’m sure I will haha).

    I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t read An Ember of Ashes as well!!!! I was waiting for all the books to release and then got distracted … Like always.

    Great post!!!

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    1. So! The first era, which is the first three books, are all out. The second era, which starts with The Alloy of Law is not finished yet, but there are three books in the second era as well.
      I will be reading Elantris first, then all three books of first era Mistborn and then will probably start on the Stormlight Archive, and leave the 2nd era of Mistborn for sometime in the future.

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  5. I’ve always wanted to read SB’s Mistborn series, ever since I fallen in love with his Stormlight Archive series. But I’ve tried twice so far, and it has a very different feel to it and I have the hardest time getting into it, but I’m not willing to give up.

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      1. AND I think Mistborn is finished whereas Stormlight is far from finished, I think I’ll be old and grey when he is done with them all – lol

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  6. It’s funny I read Ember in the Ashes… and I didn’t care for it, but I continued to read the following books just to see and completely fell in love with the series, so I hope you decide to read it! 🙂
    I just bought the next two books in the Bone Season series on Sunday in the hopes that I’m going to actually finally read the Bone Season… it’s been sitting on my shelf for 3 years 😛

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  7. These are great picks, Alex! I’ve only read the Mistborn and An Ember in the Ashes series and both I love SO MUCH! I really want to check out the three other series you mentioned though. I’ve heard lots of good things about them, although more mixed reviews for the Witcher series 😅, but I kinda wanna read it before watching the show? I hope you enjoy all of these! Especially Mistborn and Ember ❤

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    1. “only” she says! You read Mistborn!!! AND An Ember in the Ashes! that already too many pages for me to count 😀
      You haven’t seen the Witcher yet? Oh, I loved it so much, it made me want to read the books even more, although I haven’t picked them up yet. lol


  8. Yeah!! Join the Top 5 crew! Lol!
    Mistborn is one I’d like to get into as well. I bought the UK boxset after seeing Regan feature it on her channel. I love the white, kinda minimalist covers.

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    1. Yay! 😀 Yep, I have the same white UK editions and they are beautiful ❤ I bought the same editions of the Reckoners trilogy as well and hope to get the Stormlight Archives also with the similar vibe.


  9. Mistborn is freaking amazing – the magic system was especially memorable, it’s so original and I’ve never heard of anything like it otherwise. Hope you like it when you read it!

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  10. Omg, I read The Final Empire YEARS ago & I remember loving it so much, but now it’s been long enough that I’d have to re-read it before continuing on with the series & I really…can’t be bothered? 😅 I do own the 2nd book though so I guess I’ll EVENTUALLY give it another go 🙊 I really want to read the Ember in the Ashes trilogy too! I’ve heard so many incredible things about it 😍

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