The Other People by C.J. Tudor | The best of C.J. Tudor’s books to date!

After reading «The Chalk Man» in 2018, I immediately became a fan of C.J. Tudor’s writing! She creates the most gripping and thrilling plots, infused by the terror of simple common things that feel too real. Last year, I read her other book «The Taking of Annie Thorne» that was just as incredible as the first one. 

And now in 2020, we got «The Other People»! Her next book (my edition of «The Other People» had the first chapter of it) is coming out next year and sounds very interesting.

goodreads blurb:

She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . .

Three years ago, Gabe saw his daughter taken. In the back of a rusty old car, covered in bumper stickers. He was driving behind the car. He watched her disappear. But no one believes him. Most people believe that his daughter, and wife, are dead. For a while, people believed that Gabe was responsible.

Three years later and Gabe cannot give up hope. Even though he has given up everything else. His home, his job, his old life. He spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, sleeping in his camper van in service stations, searching for the car that took her. Searching for his daughter.

Katie spends a lot of her life in service stations, working as a waitress. She often sees Gabriel, or ‘the thin man’ as she has nicknamed him. She knows his story. She feels for him, because Katie understands what it’s like to lose a loved one. Nine years ago, her father was murdered. It broke her family apart. She hasn’t seen her oldest sister since the day of the funeral; the day she did something terrible.


C.J. Tudor books have a little bit of everything – mysterious places, thrilling plot twists, characters that feel too real, and elements of horror with just a touch of paranormal and inexplicable events.


1 – As soon as you start reading «The Normal People» you can see how much planning went into it. It’s a perfect thriller that makes you want to fly through the pages as quickly as possible. C.J. Tudor knows exactly how to capture her audience. From short snappy chapters to many plot twists, her books are always very high paced. 

There is no time to stop and think about the events because each chapter ends with one new question that you’ll be dying to find the answer to. Alternating between different points of view – Gabe, Katie, Alice, we follow seemingly unrelated people and events. The story weaves itself beautifully until all threads come together.

2 – Paranormal elements in thrillers is not my favorite thing, but C.J. Tudor somehow makes it work! I love my thrillers believable. I love it when there is an explanation at the end that makes all events fit together like a puzzle. That’s why paranormal elements would normally take me out of the story, make the story less thrilling because of the events that cannot be logically explained. 

But C.J. Tudor uses these paranormal elements to create an atmosphere, to make the story creepier and to scare her readers. In «The Other People» there was less of her usual creepiness and more of a psychological thriller.

My rating:

In my opinion, «The Other People» is the best of C.J. Tudor’s books to date! I loved both of her other books, all of them were fast-paced and thrilling, but this one constantly kept me on the edge of my seat, making me wonder about the intentions of all characters and if I could really trust them.

Have you read any of C.J. Tudor’s books? Are you planning to read «The Chalk Man»?
Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “The Other People by C.J. Tudor | The best of C.J. Tudor’s books to date!

  1. Sounds great! This was already very high on my tbr but you loving it so much makes me even more excited! I totally get what you mean about the paranormal element. I kind of like it because a lot of times it makes the story more unique, but generally I need my thrillers to be believable to be truly creepy/scary.

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