2020 Goals & Resolutions | Learning how to Prioritize!

Happy New Year, friends! This post is coming a bit later than I wanted to, solely because I’ve been so busy reading all of your 2019 wrap ups and 2020 resolutions! It’s been a blast seeing everything you wish to achieve this year, and your posts definitely inspired me to add some goals to my list. 

Thank you, Zeezee, for making me reconsider my goals with your latest post – Reflecting on 2019: Life!

I’m actually a little bit scared of setting my 2020 goals, because this year I ultimately have one big goal – to finish my internship and pass lawyers’ bar exam. This is the most important thing that requires 200% of my attention. 

But I couldn’t start a new year without setting up my GoodReads challenge to 50 books and including a few reading resolutions. It just wouldn’t feel right!
Unlike everyone else, my New Year goals will be as low-key as possible, at least for the first half of the year. Once I’m done with my exams, reports, etc. I’m planning to review my goals, update them if necessary, and just see from there.

Here’s to an amazing New Year filled with happiness, joy, achievements and wonderful bookish friends! 🥂

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28 thoughts on “2020 Goals & Resolutions | Learning how to Prioritize!

  1. Good luck with all your goals Alex! 😀
    I wish you nothing but the greatest success in finishing your internship and passing your bar exam! 💞
    I love your goal of learning something new! I have that on my list too, but on a smaller scale! I can’t wait to hear about the new things you learn! 😀

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    1. Thank you, hun ❤ I'm dedicating all of tomorrow to studying.
      I already decided what I want to learn this month – SEO! A very fancy abbreviation to something I'm vaguely familiar with and I'd love to dive into all technical things. I already saved the free course I found to do it on the weekend (when I'm taking a break from studying for the bar exam, lol).

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      1. Good luck with your studies! 🙂
        Oooh that sounds interesting. I remember learning about it in school, and I know how useful it can be, I’ve just never bothered with it… but I wish you all the success in trying to up your SEO game! 😀 💞

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  2. I wish you a happy new year and best of luck with all of your goals! Learning to prioritize and staying foccused are probably things I should aim for this year as well 😅

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    1. Thank you! ❤ Happy New Year! (I'm a little late with answering to the comments, but hey! it's still January 😀 )
      We need to print out these two words and put them somewhere visible, maybe then I'll stop procrastinating?? Aahah

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  3. Thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad my post connected with you. I wish you all the best on your goals. I know that bar exam is intense so remaining laser-focused on your priorities will be needed. 🙂 You can do it! 😀

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  4. I lovelovelove all of the graphics you keep making for these kinds of posts. I might just do something similar for my goals posts (in which case of course I will link back). Everything is better with a nice graphic haha.
    I totally feel you on being scared to set your goals. I have to finish my Masters Thesis somewhere these upcoming months and will also be doing my internship from February to August. I’m so nervous and have no idea what my life will look like during that time. But I’m sure you’ll do great on all of your exams, papers, internship stuff. We got this! 🙂
    Good luck on the goals, I especially love the learn something new one, that’s a great thing to aspire to.

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    1. Aw, thank you so much!!! I saw your graphics and they were amazing! ❤
      Your 2020 sounds very busy as well! We can do it! Good luck with your thesis and internship, I hope you end up in a good working environment and will learn lots of new things there! 🙂

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  5. These are great resolutions – we could all learn how to prioritize and keep focus! I haven’t shared my personal goals online but it’s pretty much just surviving 😛 I’ll have so much going on, I won’t even know what to do! Also travelling and learning, if possible. ❤

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    1. Ahaha, that’s how I felt as well, tbh. It was so easy to come up with my bookish goals, but personal goals… I’m too stressed to think about anything other than internship and exam, it’s like a mantra in my head. Lol
      I hope your last months in Germany will be amazing! ❤

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  6. Happy new year, Alex! These are all such awesome goals! I hope you’ll be able to achieve them all! Prioritizing is definitely something I need to focus on working on in my life (blogging, school, work, and personal, for that matter!). I want to try learning something new every month as well! To achieve this, I’m hoping to maybe read some nonfiction, which is something I’ve hardly done before! Haha.

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    1. Thank you, hun, and Happy New Year!!! I hope yours started well! 🙂
      I never read nonfiction… I’d love to, but it takes so much longer than fiction books. I’m planning on dong little online courses (free) that I can find, just once-twice a month.
      This month I already found the course I’d like to do, but haven’t had the time to actually sit down and do it… Lol


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