September 2019 | Monthly Goals – «Gardens of the Moon» buddy read!

Summer flew by so quickly this year. It was hectic, busy with tons of tourists around. They haven’t all left yet, but I’m already anticipating the emptier roads, less traffic and supermarkets without huge lines. 

September will be a busier month work and studies wise, but I’m still planning to take at least one week off work and maybe go somewhere or decompress a little bit before jumping into another busy year. 

I don’t have that many goals to talk about this month and most of them will be the same as in the previous months, so let’s see what I will be trying to achieve:



Elliot announced this read-a-long a few months ago and I knew immediately that I need to participate, otherwise I might never start read the Malazan Empire series. The first book is huge and scary. My hope is that participating in the read-a-long with hundreds of other people will motivate me to actually commit to it.

I already purchase the book and will be starting it on the 1st of September.


If you haven’t seen my August Wrap Up post, somehow I now have even more ARCs to read than at the beginning of last month and many of them are either overdue or will be released in September- October. I will definitely try to prioritize ARCs over other books on my TBR.


In August I talked about some trilogies that I haven’t finished yet, even though I only have the last book to read and I already own all of them. Since writing this post, the neat stack of last books in these trilogies has been sitting next to the TV waiting for me to pick them up. My rule will be to reach for one of those books when I don’t feel like reading an e-book or need a break from my Kindle (and all ARCs that are on it).

You can check my post about the unfinished trilogies here!

Will you participate in the Gardens of the Moon Buddy Read? What books will you read in September?

Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “September 2019 | Monthly Goals – «Gardens of the Moon» buddy read!

    1. Thank you! We can read all the ARCs this month! I believe! 🙂
      I’m very behind as well, I hate it when they start accumulating… means more reading for me in September.

      P.S. It’s 6th of Sep and I haven’t finished a single book yet :O *panic*

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  1. Good luck with your monthly goals! ❤ I just looked at your unfinished series post, and I need to read In the Afterlight at some point too. I read the Darkest Minds and Never Fade years ago and really enjoyed them, but I've had almost no desire to pick up In the Afterlight for whatever reason. I even snagged the book at a used bookstore for $3 last year, and I STILL haven't read it. Haha. I hope you enjoy it if you end up getting to it!

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  2. Gardens of the Moon sounds great! Thanks for sharing and I would be happy to join in on this challenge. My TBR book that I finished (yippeee) and loved was “Two Skies Before Night” by author Robert Gryn. It is so hard to categorize this book because it has so much going on for it. It’s like science fiction meets detective fiction meets fantasy. The double murder mystery takes place in a city where there is an “Above” and “Below” for the alien races that live there with a very strict class system. Detective Lang is in charge of figuring out the murder of an alien couple, the man from the above (the elite class) and the woman from the below. I read this book because it won the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and I love checking out indie authors! Take a peek at his website –
    Happy Reading!

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