Date Night by Samantha Hayes | Whirlwind of events and emotions in this new thrilling page-turner!

It’s been a long time since I read a domestic thriller. It’s been even longer since I read a  GOOD domestic thriller. «Date Night» by Samantha Hayes was the most enticing and interesting read of August so far. 

Why didn’t I give it 5 stars you might wonder?

As much as I loved the characters, the story, the mystery and the eerie feeling of the book, the ending was a big let down! But, of course, no spoilers! So you’ll need to read this book yourself to see what I’m talking about. *wink*

goodreads blurb:

Returning early from a disastrous date night with my husband, I know something is wrong the moment the wheels crunch the gravel drive of our home. Inside, the TV is on and a half-eaten meal waits on the table. My heart stops when I find our little girl is alone in the house and our babysitter, Sasha, is missing…

Days later, when I’m arrested for Sasha’s murder and torn away from my perfect little family, I’ll wish I had told someone about the threatening note I received that morning.

I’ll hate myself for not finding out who the gift hidden inside my husband’s wardrobe was for.

I’ll scream from the rooftops that I’m innocent – but no one will listen.

I will realise I was completely wrong about everything that happened that night…

But will you believe me?


Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.

1 – This is a perfect example of a book with “now and then” writing style done perfectly! You might remember that I read «Lock Every Door» by Riley Sager in July, and I don’t want to compare these two books as they are completely different styles of thrillers / mysteries, but in my review, I’ve complained how the “now and then” element wasn’t the strongest. It was just there, not adding the thrills to the story. 

In «Date Night», Samantha Hayes shows how to create the perfect, thrilling and interesting story, where every “then” chapter made me want to read the “now” chapters even more, trying to find out the truth. 

2 – In a whirlwind of emotions, Samantha Hayes made me care for the main character – Libby, more than any characters from the books I’ve recently read. The main focus of thrillers is usually the plot, the twists , and the surprise elements. But in «Date Night», the characters and their inner demons and fears were given a spot on this dire stage. I worried about Libby’s fate, I got nervous when she did and I just hoped that everything would turn out well for her (wishful thinking, considering that I was reading a thriller not a fairy-tale!)

3 – There were so many bread crumbs left for the reader to try to figure out THE twist on our own, and I still didn’t manage to do it! Which is obviously the best thing about thrillers. I love when I can guess the twist and then that feeling of anticipation as I wait for the author to confirm I was right. But I love it even more when every single theory I had turned out to be wrong. 

4 – Unpredictable twists and a page-turner, it took me less than 5 hours to finish this book. Which I happily did on a Sunday afternoon, while drinking tea and trying to not go crazy because of the events in Libby’s life. 

My rating:

Very entertaining and thrilling, «Date Night» was a great introduction into Samantha Hayes works, and I’m excited to read more of her books in the future.



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5 thoughts on “Date Night by Samantha Hayes | Whirlwind of events and emotions in this new thrilling page-turner!

  1. This sounds fantastic, Alex. I love the sound of the “now and then” narrative being used perfectly too. It’s easy for one of those two timelines to not be as compelling as the other. Glad the ending wasn’t bad enough to ruin the whole experience though! Great review! 😀

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