Book series I need to finish | Why don’t I read final books in trilogies?!

In order to get my TBR, especially the book series TBR, under control, I’ve decided to post a little series about (1) series I’ve started but haven’t finished yet, (2) series I’ve started but have no intention to continue with, (3) completed series I still need to read, etc. etc. 

Me not finishing the series has become a serious problem, send help if you’re reading this post! 

I’m sure many of you can relate to how easy it is to start reading a new book series. The key word in that sentence is EASY! And there are a number of reasons for that:

  1. The first book is usually always the best;
  2. The first book is usually the shortest and the least intimidating of the series;
  3. The excitement to start the new adventure is very palpable;
  4. Learning about new world, magic system and getting to meet the characters adds this addictive element to the book when everything is new and shiny, and you can’t get enough of it. 

*list any of your reasons in the comments below! 

Then, if the first book is amazing I like to start the second book immediately after. But my problem is always with the 3rd or final book in the series. By the time I finish reading the second book I grow tired of the world or characters, and want to take a little break, read something else. And then never pick up that final third book. 

This doesn’t have any proper explanation or reason behind it, and I need to start finishing my series, but it turns out that, unlike the first book when picking it up is EASY and exciting, the third books are very DIFFICULT to commit to. 

Do you feel the same about trilogies or book series? I’d love to know your take on this!

Today’s list will focus only on completed series / trilogies where I only have the final book left to read:

the winter of the witch (winternight trilogy #3) by katherine arden

I know… I know… I’ve been fangirling over the Bear and the Nightingale trilogy forever now, ever since the first book came out. I loved the first two books, Vasya is one of my all time favourite characters and Katherine Arden’s writing is perfectly woven with the wintery feel of the story. I bought the third and final book in this trilogy earlier this year, a few weeks after its release date and I still haven’t read it! 

It’s now on my August TBR for some of the NEWTs prompt, but I honestly don’t know if I will get to it this month.


I wasn’t a big fan of the Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. The whole superheroes/ super villains theme is not for me, and the main character is very ‘teenage-y’ and awkward. The first book was the best so far, so I’m not in a rush to finish this trilogy.

bright ruin (the dark gifts #3) by vic james

I have no explanation for this one. In fact, I don’t have any explanation for any of these books! But The Dark Gifts trilogy by Vic James is absolutely amazing. The powers, the magical world, the political intrigue – all of it sucks you right in.

The first book, «Gilded Cage», I read as an ARC from NetGalley and since then purchased the 2nd and 3rd books, because it’s just so good! Should I read it asap? Definitely!

Also, it’s set in England, so I can incorporate it in one of NEWTs prompts. *wink* *wink*

in the afterlight (the darkest minds #3) by alexandra bracken

I was very shocked to not like the Darkest Minds. Okay, I thought it was alright, nothing too over the top, nothing too exciting. And I hoped that the trilogy would get better after the first book. But it really didn’t.

In fact, I think the first book was the best so far, which doesn’t mean a lot…

I still want to finish this trilogy, especially because I own the other duology by Alexandra Bracken and I don’t want to give up on her book just yet.

nyxia uprising (the nyxia triad #3) by scott reintgen

Another favorite trilogy of mine that I haven’t completed yet! What’s wrong with me??

Scott Reintgen releases a new YA duology in January 2020 and I got the early ARC this month (I’M SO EXCITIED!!!). The name of the first book is «Ashlords» and it has element of competition with phoenix horses, alchemy, challenges and I already read it, of course, and LOVED IT!

So I’m planning to read the final book in the Nyxia Triad this month as well *fingers crossed*!

ruin and rising (the shadow and bone #3) by leigh bardugo

Officially, this book is not on this list yet, as I’m still reading book 2 in this trilogy. But I thought it was a good idea to include it here so I read asap after finishing «Siege and Storm».

This is the type of post that deserves to be pinned on top of my blog to shame me and force me to finish these book series! If there will be any other trilogies where I only have one book left, I’ll make sure to update this post as I remember them.

How do you motivate yourself to finish book series? Do you binge them or prefer to space them out?
Leave your tips in the comments below!

This is Part 2 of my blog conversations about Book Series.
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15 thoughts on “Book series I need to finish | Why don’t I read final books in trilogies?!

    1. The first book blew my mind. I love Vasya so much. The second book was good as well, but I don’t think it can beat the creepy village setting of the Bear and the Nightingale.

      I might wait a bit until it gets colder to read though. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m SO bad at finishing series. I just finished the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, which is the first series I have finished in a LONGGG time. Glad I’m not alone in this one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like we need to have a month of dedicated-series-finishing-reading. It’s a new thing. 😎

      I’d like to do it sooner than later, but I’m starting yet another series in September…. ahaha, I have a serious problem.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a system now to finish trilogies. I write down a list of the main series I’ve started reading. I list out the books in the series by number. Then I cross off the books in the series I read and see what I have left. It’s actually helps me keep track and reminds me not to start brand new series until at least one of them are done.

    I also have not gotten around to Nyxia Uprising. Additional POVs were added and that’s not my thing, but I still want to see how it ends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uh! I need to try your system. Because each year (mainly due to the ARCs) I probably start 5-10 new series, and then abandon them… I’m planning to do a post about all of the book series I’ve started, but I’m dreading it… Ahaha, it’s going to be a very LOOOONG post.


  3. I actually liked “the darkest minds”, but the second book annoyed me a bit. I liked PARTS of it but it wasn’t as enticing as the first. I found the third picked up the plot a lot more, which I enjoyed. I almost decided not to read it but I’m glad I did. I refuse to read the 4th though because it was originally a trilogy and it ended perfectly fine as it did in book three. And every time an author extends a series, I end up not liking it … and I’m fairly happy with it … so yeah. You’ll have to let me know what you think in the end!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, the first book wasn’t bad, but I guess I expected more, and I didn’t like the main character. The second book was boring and then I decided not to pick up the third book.
      I don’t like it either, when the book series / trilogies get extended for no reason other than $$$. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Same here! I got a whole lotta series I need to complete too. I’m just easily distracted by a new story and also, sometimes I just don’t want to know the end because it might not go the way I want it to.
    So… sorry I can’t provide any tips. I need them too. 🙂


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