IGIST by L.S. Larson | Download free App and experience this new immersive sci-fi!

«IGIST» by L.S. Larson is a new YA Science-fiction with the most unique reading experience!  You can read this book as a normal physical copy that contains a few images that can interact with the IGIST app (at least that’s what the book states in the beginning). Personally, I switched between my Kindle, as I got a copy from NetGalley, and the IGIST app, that is free for download for Android and IOS. The app is quite impressive and I don’t know why more people didn’t think about this concept before. 

In the app, as you progress through the story you unlock achievements and gain points. I didn’t finish reading the book in the app, as I prefer to read on my Kindle, but for someone who has more advances phones with big screens, this app will be perfect, and it makes the reading experience very unique, you feel like you are achieving something as you read. Which is amazing! And I already can see this concept attracting the younger generation.

IGIST is also available as an Immersive Novel. You can download the app for free on iOS or Android. Sheer fantasy and delight await those who scroll through the world’s first Immersive Novel: IGIST (the Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology). The journey’s medium is an innovative app that combines the essential elements of an e-reader with gamified techniques you might find in Angry Birds or your favorite filter on TikTok. The real power of the experience stems from the compelling story that is elegantly enhanced by all the capabilities of your smartphone. Marrying technology and art, the IGIST app immerses the reader in an extraordinary Sci-Fi universe in a way that traditional books and e-readers can’t match.
Learn more about IGIST at www.igist.com

goodreads blurb:

According to the one teacher on Earth who believed in her, Emi hadn’t a chance. The space academy of her dreams was more than a reach. The Intergalactic Institute of Science and Technology hadn’t admitted an Earthling for decades. The bygones left on Earth would lead a boring existence if, and only if, they were lucky enough to evade the plague.

Emi always thought she was different, not because her only friend growing up in Rockland was a drone named Sadee, but because she was very determined, albeit obstinately, to become a revered scientist like her late mother. But even a passion for science and good old-fashioned grit could not prepare Emi for the challenges that await in a wide, strange galaxy under the auspices of the Star League.


In this futuristic world, Earth is not the only habitable planet. The human race is exploring the space, discovering life on other planets, expanding and growing their reach. Travelling through galaxy to other solar systems was all made possible thanks to the bright minds of renowned scientist. 

Emi is an Earthling and her biggest desire is to go to IGIST – the Intergalactic Institute of Science and technology. She is one of the brightest pupils of her school, but getting invited to IGIST is not an easy task. In fact, the school hadn’t admitted anyone from Earth for decades. And this is where Emi’s journey begins. 


1 – The concept to involve the mobile gaming experience with the story through the app is fantastic! I’m not sure why no one else thought about this before!? Or maybe, this is a common practice now and I’m just behind on this trend. I really liked how interactive this makes the story, and also it will be more appealing to younger readers or even younger audience who doesn’t particularly like to read, as it combines something they all understand so well – technology. 

Also, the book claims that if you buy the hardcover of the book, there will be black and white photorealistic illustrations that you can bring to life with AR (Augmented Reality) scanner through the IGIST app. I had no way to confirm this, as I don’t own the hardcover copy, but THIS SOUNDS UNREAL AND AMAZING! So if you have experiences that, please let me know! 

2 – I love sci-fi in every shape and form, especially when it’s about a SCHOOL in SPACE with a lot of TRIALS! That to me is the most perfect concept for a book. So of course, IGIST immediately grabbed my attention. The execution wasn’t flawless and there were a lot of things that I didn’t like, but overall I loved reading about traveling through space, discovering new planets, seeing other races, like Martians, etc. 


1 – My biggest complaint was the main character – Emi. I understood what the author was trying to do, show her as this headstrong, young scientist, who wouldn’t stop before achieving her goals, but also struck with uncertainty and fear of failure. 

But the way the story was written, the way the other characters acted around her, and Emi’s responses to others’ critiques or concerns made me see her as spoiled attention seeker, who wouldn’t or couldn’t think about anyone else’s well-being. Who was focused so fiercely on her idea that often forgot and neglected others. 

She was constantly rude and pushing others away. There was a big emphasis on “doing things on my own”, which I didn’t understand the purpose of. I just didn’t like her. 

2 – Another thing that I found weird was the human / animal transformations. I think people who pursued that were called transhumans. Once again, I sort of understood the idea behind it, but it wasn’t executed well to pass the message to the reader. So the whole Jack / Jillie arc just felt awkward and out of place. 

At first when I began reading this book, I was sure this was middle-grade, but as the story progressed and got darker and darker, I don’t even know if I can classify it as YA or it should have some age restrictions. The Jack’s arc was very maturely written, there were a lot of deaths and horrific events. I still don’t know what audience exactly this story was directed at.

My rating:

This book combined with the App provides the most unique, interactive reading experience! Highly recommend to try it out for yourself and see if you like Emi or not. 🙂

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