The Astral Traveler’s Daughter (School for Psychics, #2) by K.C. Archer | Superpowers, cold cases & political intrigue at Whitfield Institute

In this continuation of «School for Psychics» series, Teddy, Dora, Janine and Pyro go back to Whitfield Institute for their 2nd year. This time, their return is shadowed by the suspicious disappearance of their friend, and betrayal of someone they trusted.

The second year also requires more from Whitfield students. Soon, they will need to be sorted to various military forces or secret agencies, and it’s up to them to perform to their highest standards.

Concerned about her friend, her parents, and suspicious activity of Whitfield superiors, Teddy and her crew end up in the middle of the mysterious events that might solve their problem, or make an even bigger mess!

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«School of Psychics»

BOOK 2. goodreads blurb:

With trepidation, Teddy enters her second year at The Whitfield Institute, a facility hidden off the coast of San Francisco where students master telepathy and telekinesis, investigative techniques and SWAT tactics for covert roles in government service. She has been obsessively tracking the movements of the Patriot Corps, a secret organization that seems to be behind a string of crimes on US soil—including the disappearance of her friend, Molly. She is not sure who she can trust with her findings: her friends think she is crazy and her teachers insist she focus on her schoolwork.

Teddy tries to do what she is told. She tries to forget about her missing friend, her long lost birth parents, her rivalry with other students, even her forbidden romance with an instructor. She learns to be a meat shield: a Secret Service operative trained to protect whatever dummy they throw her way. She learns to disarm explosive devices. She also learn to transport herself through time, as she begins to grasp astral travel (that is, if she doesn’t get lost in the time-space continuum). But Teddy has never been good at following the rules. So when an unexpected assignment leads her to the answers she’s chased for so long, and reveal a clue about her own past, she takes a risk that puts everyone else she cares about in danger.


Thank you, Netgalley and Simon & Schuster for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.

There is something captivating about a gang of friends going to a university to develop their supernatural skills, that would allow them to work for secret agencies in the future. Do you know what these series remind me of? «Magicians», the TV show! And while I didn’t like the show, I loved reading these books.


1 – This might sound weird, but each book is like a bag of crisps (or whatever else you love munching on). I always think “oh, I’ll eat a couple before dinner” and then end up eating the entire bag, not strong enough to stop myself from devouring it with inhuman speed.

That’s exactly how I felt while reading this book, constantly saying to myself: “just one more page… just one more chapter…” until I finished it all.

The classes were very interesting in this installment. Basically, in their second year, the students are watched closely by different military services to see who they would want to recruit later on. They subject them to various tests, one of them was to use their distinct powers on cold cases to see if they could find any new clues. Which does sound like something I’ve seen on TV before, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting!

2 – A few years ago (more than 5 years ago as I think about it), I used to watch a lot of crime shows, like «Rizzoli and Isles», «Castle», «Bones» and so on. For some reason, I stopped watching TV, but this book and this series reminded me of my love for these crime shows! Each book centers around a new “smaller” mystery, while also focusing on the big questions that we hopefully get some answers to in the next book. And this technique makes the story very fast-paced and exciting, as there is always something happening, which makes the reader want to turn the pages quicker and quicker.

3 –   I already grew attached to the main crew of friends in the first book, and it was very nice to see all of them again, to explore more of their character development and different arcs that the author gave some of Teddy’s friends.

Besides, the cliffhanger that the 2nd book ended on is mind-blowing! I tried searching for a release date of the 3rd book, but haven’t found anything yet. So hopefully, I won’t need to wait too long!

My rating:

School for Psychics has all elements that makes TV show so addicting: school setting, stubborn characters, crime, mystery, and psychics abilities to help them solve old cases!

P.S. I just wish these books would get new covers!

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