June 2019 Goals | ARCs, beach, and many blogging plans!

I have many plans for June. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t pass as fast as all other months did! Is it me getting old or time just started to go faster than usual???

May was a great month for me in terms of everything, except books, as you probably saw from my Wrap Up post earlier this week.

I’m currently reading «Circe» by Madeleine Miller and I feel that reading slump creeping closer and closer the more I read this book. That’s so weird to me because I’m actually loving every single aspect about it! The writing is beautiful. The story is captivating. But for some reason, I feel exhausted after just 50-60 pages, that’s why it’s taking me so long to finish it.

In June I’m making it my priority to battle against that reading slump!


1 – Finish my current reads! Top priority over everything else. I need to finish these three books ASAP.

2 – Read ARCs. I only read 1 ARC in May, which means that they start to pile up and that’s the worst feeling ever. So I’m making an exception to my “no monthly TBR rule”. These will be the books I’ll focus on in June:

3 – Participate in “20 Books of Summer” challenge, created by Cathy from 746Books. It runs from 3rd of June until September 2nd, and all we need to do is READ AND REVIEW 20 books during that time. You can change the number of books to something you find more manageable, but I’m going to stick with Cathy’s 20 and see how I do this year.

4 – Tackle my long blogging To-Do list. There are so many little tweaks I want to make for my blog and new post ideas that I’m really excited about. I’ve been trying to find time for this for over 2 months now, and it cannot wait any longer.

5 – Improve my time management. If I want to do all of the above in just one month, I’ll need to really manage my time well, as well as avoid procrastination at all cost!

6 – Learn how to Twitter. I love it even though I have no idea how to use it properly. My learning process has already begun, it can only improve from here!

7 – Go to the beach! Argh… If I could work on my blog while laying at the beach, I’d go every single weekend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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13 thoughts on “June 2019 Goals | ARCs, beach, and many blogging plans!

  1. Aweeeeeeeeeeeee!! That Jessie GIF!! I love her so much!! And I can’t wait for your review on Circe! I haven’t read it yet but I’m thinking of borrowing if from the library this summer.

    I would join in the “going to the beach” for my to do list, but our weather has been WEIRD!!!! I think I’ll be waiting until July (Ottawa also has NO good beaches around it … but fun lakes to kayak in).

    I know my two main goals are finish my ARCs (ONE LEFT) and start on my buddy reads! I have quite a few already lined up this year, which I’m so excited for! Oh! And my 30 days of yoga challenge is another goal.

    Book wise: “On the Come Up”, “Dark Wine at Dusk (ARC)”, and “Red, White and Royal Blue”. I’ll definitely read more, but those are my “goal” reads!

    Have a great June!


    1. Okay! I’ll try to finish it ASAP and review, so you can see my problem with it. But at the same time IT’S SO GOOD! Just amazing.

      It must be fun swimming in lakes (warm water!). Portugal has gorgeous beaches, but it’s all ocean and the water is freezing cold, even during the summer. I still swim (my boyfriend usually doesn’t, ahaha).
      Buddy-reading sounds so fun! Hope you’ll have a great time this month! ❤

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      1. Ha-ha!! Now I’m even MORE excited!!

        It is!! Some of my friends hate it because we go cliff jumping and lakes are “dark water” which freaks some people out — but I like it! However, it’s also wonderful to go to a beautiful beach!! The lakes are super cold too … even in the summer. I basically can’t feel my skin but whatever ha-ha!!

        It is!! if you ever want to try it out, let me know! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Good luck with all your goals Alex! 😀
    That reading challenge looks like fun, and it seems very doable! Again, good luck with it! 🙂
    Haha, oh Twitter, it’s such an uphill battle I find. I can never get it right so half the time I don’t tweet. In the 10 years I’ve had my Twitter account, I’ve tweeted less than 10,000 tweets 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s like 9.990 more tweets than me. 😀
      I actually love your tweets, always make me giggle.
      And thank you! Here’s to another great month! *wine glass clinking sound?*

      P.S. I don’t really like wine. Can we replace it with juice?

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  3. Good luck on your goals! 💛
    My only reading goal for June was to finish Priory but I quickly gave up because it was making me confused. I’m glad, because I’m starting my third book of the month tonight! And I’ve loved the previous two!
    I guess my only goal now is to survive the exam season – one down, two to go – and hope for good grades! 😅

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    1. How have you already read two books this month??? Tell me your secret! 😀
      Oh, you’ll get GREAT grades, I’m sure of it. Not even gonna wish you luck, because (a) I already did 😀 and (b) you don0t even need it! lol

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  4. Hallo, Hallo Alex,

    I never have had the proper chance to thank you for visiting with me and favouring the posts you’ve been enjoying on my blog. I’ve been wanting to visit you in return and I am thankful I can start doing that now. With life’s adversities and my migraines – the past few years haven’t been the best for me for reading blogs. I’ve just been thankful to keep my blog moving forward. Which is why readers like you who give me an inclination you enjoy my content has been such a balm to my soul. So, thank you!

    I wanted to say – taking to Twitter really came easy for me – mostly as I’m a happy chatterbox IRL. If you approach it as conversations in-progress you’ll do just fine! I tweet / convo everyone from readers to authors to book bloggers to just about anyone else – including actors/actresses. The more you tweet and engage, the easier it becomes. And, if you look at hashtags like morse code signals – you’ll do just fine! Its like a little language of its own to help people find your tweets and content!!

    Similar to you – I’m working on getting rid of my TBR – for me its my backlogue of reviews.. I’ve already started working on those but I hope in the next six months to have made even more progress. I’ve been wanting to erase it for a few years now but sometimes things come up and we just can’t get into them. This month I’m finalising my #WyrdAndWonder posts (look for a few more in that regard shortly, was delayed due to that 5th migraine); sorting out the October Daye series (I finally finished Rosemary and Rue) whilst picking out some audiobooks to listen to as its #AudiobookMonth!!

    Just thankful to be visiting with you… have a lovely week!


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