16 Books From My Favorite Genres that I’m not interested in!

This week on Top Ten Tuesday we are supposed to talk about Favorite Books From Our Favorite Genre. However, since I already talked a lot about my favorite books and didn’t read that many fantastic books this year, I’ve decided to bring you the list of 10 books from my favorite genres that I’m not interested in.

Take a look at my thought process for this week’s TTT topic:

  • 10 Books from My Favorite Genre – “But I don’t have just one favorite genre! Let’s change it to Genre(S).”
  • 10 FAVORITE Books from My Favorite Genres – “Hmm, I talked about my favorite books a lot recently. Maybe I could talk about the books I didn’t like or DNFed”
  • 10 Books I DNFED from My Favorite Genres – “I didn’t DNF enough books. Something to work on this year.”
  • 10 Books From My Favorite Genres I haven’t read yet“This could work.”
  • 10 Books From My Favorite Genres I’m not interested in“This is the one!”

No matter how much I love a particular genre, there are always books I’m not interested in for various reasons – maybe I’m not a fan of the author’s writing style, or the blurb doesn’t sound particularly interesting, or maybe I just don’t like the cover (also happens).

These are the books in my favorite genres that don’t appeal to me at all. If you love any of the books listed below, let me know in the comments below!


As much as I love fantasy books, video games and movies, I was never a fan of The Lord of the Rings movies. But it’s the only books of these four that has a chance to be on my TBR sometime in the future.


I first joined the Saga train two years ago, immediately purchasing the first 3 volumes. I still haven’t read the 3rd one and it’s been over two years now. There is a chance I’ll read it for some read-a-thon or when I’m in the mood for quick sci-fi, but I lost interest in the story and won’t be continuing it.


Paulo Coelho was one of my favorite authors when I was a teen. I had this whole phase of reading every single book by Paulo Coelho I could find! «11 Minutes» was my favorite and the one I re-read multiple times. His books are very… influential, especially because I read them so young, I felt as if he was implanting his ideas in the readers’ minds. My obsession with his books are long gone, and I won’t be reading any more of his books.


«The Girl on the Train» by Paula Hawkins was my 2016 x-mas present and I read it in one sitting few days after Christmas! I loved how dark and atmospheric it was, so of course «Into the Water» was a highly anticipated book. But as the time went, I started to lose interest in the story. However, I don’t deny the possibility to be excited to read it again one day.


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40 thoughts on “16 Books From My Favorite Genres that I’m not interested in!

  1. I completely agree, there’s just too many good books that have come out recently that it sadly pushes old books we were once interested to the bottom of the pile, or not on it at all! There’s not enough time to read everything (to my dismay😢) so we have to be picky!

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  2. I agree with you on…all of them. I read “The Shining”, it was nothing special – it read like a screenplay to the now famous movie. I attempted to read “Dune”, but got only to the fourth page and do not want to look at it again 🙂 No one will also force me to read either “Twilight” or “Eragon”.
    It is interesting that you mentioned “The Alchemist”. This is the only Pablo Coelho book I read and always thought it was his best and his most influential. But then again if you already know his “philosophy” and his style, I don’t think there is much point reading “Alchemist”.
    I have heard very good things about “The Kite Runner” and “Norse Mythology”, only these two on your list somewhat have my interest.

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    1. I like how you read FOUR pages of Dune! 😀 To be honest, all editions of Dune that I’ve seen so far are (1) huge and (2) have the smallest font size. So reading 4 pages is quite an achievement. The bookstagrammer I love to watch (Emily Fox) is currently reading it for her Big Books Challenge. As much as I love her videos and her taste in books, I’m definitely not joining in on that Dune read-a-long. Lol

      I think The Alchemist was the books that really propelled Paulo Coelho works forward. But for some reason, my 14-15 y/o self was only ably able to find Veronica Decides to Die and 11 Minutes. Both of these books I religiously re-read almost every month. I also attempted reading Frida but wasn’t a fan, and that’s when I realized that I probably won’t be reading any more of his books.

      This might be unfair to Neil Gaiman works, but one of the main reasons I’m not interested in his books is the TV show American Gods based on his novel. I might re-think this at some point 😀

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      1. Yes, what I understood from my Dune reading is that there is a desert planet, and maybe some drug sustaining the population – and there are people in charge, and rebels also somewhere maybe trying to overthrow people in charge. There are clan wars. I really had enough at that point 😉 I should then look up other Coelho books. I am now reading plot synopses and both “Veronika Decides to Die” and “11 Minutes” sound very interesting, so thank you for recommending!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Paulo Coelho has a very specific writing style, and it’s definitely not for everyone. I’d say give one of his books a go just to see if (A) you love his very poetic writing, (B) get to know the main themes of his novels which are usually “love” (not romance, but love), “supreme power”, and he often makes the readers think about good and evil.

      I think I was too young for his books when I first picked them up. So I felt as if he was influencing or putting his ideas in my head, which probably wouldn’t happen now. But his stories are definitively very powerful, gripping and real.
      The one I read first was “Veronica Decides to Die”, but his most famous novel is “The Alchemist”.

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  3. What a creative twist. I think it’s so important to be open to genres you’re not generally interested in. You never know when you might find that one book that really speaks to you even if 99% of the other books in that genre do not. I know I’ve had that experience with the romance genre!

    My TTT.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 and you’re totally right! I actually don’t read a lot of romance now, but I used to devour romance, chick-lit and women’s fiction books in my early twenties. It’s actually funny how my reading tastes changed so much over the years. I used to read way more Adult novels when I was a teen, and now that I’m in my late twenties I suddenly read a lot of YA (not predominantly, but still 🙂 )

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    1. Thank you! 😀 It was fun to try to think of all the ways I could modify this week’s theme.
      «The Kite Runner» has a lot of positive feedback and seems to be one of those “must-read” novels. It used to be on my TBR, but sadly I lost interest in it. Maybe in a couple of years, my tastes change again and I will be excited to read it!


  4. LMFAO! I loved reading your train of thought to coming up with this topic! I feel like that’s how my brain works as I create posts.

    Eragon was great in my opinion until Paolini made is a four book series … then I lost interest, which makes me sad since I was in love with it. You aren’t missing ANYTHING with Twilight lmao!! I’m excited to read Norse Mythology but I’ve recently realized I love Gaiman’s writing ha-ha! And I loved The Hobbit but I also have no desire to read LOTR.

    I tried Hitchhiker’s Guide … but I kinda got bored … which my friends *gasped* at … I CAN’T HELP HOW I FEEL! I LOVED Lord of the Flies, but it’s pretty messed up ha-ha! I read it for school over a decade ago.

    I’m REALLY picky on thrillers … I get scared easily lol. I don’t care for Hawkins … but a lot of my friends like her books.

    Great post! This was really fun to read through!

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    1. It’s good that my brain still works at all, even if it took me over two days to come up with something to write for this weeks TTT 😀

      I tried watching Hitchhiker’s Guide and I didn’t like it. But I made myself sit through the entire movie because apparently “it’s the best ever” (according to some of my friends), I’m sure they gasped at my “meh” attitude towards it as well. Ahaha
      Thank you 🙂

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  5. I read Twilight, Norse Mythology, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide. Hitchhiker’s Guide is a weird quirky book. I didn’t think I’d like it because it was outside my comfort zone, but I didn’t hate it. Lol.

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  6. I have horrible memories of Lord of The Flies from GCSE English, so you’re definitely not missing much! I have to agree on the fantasy books you’ve listed, much as I love fantasy, I don’t think any of those are my kind of thing. I quite like your twist on this topic, I might have to borrow it for myself next time I have no ideas and don’t like the topic!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2019/06/04/top-ten-tuesday-214/

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  7. I’ve read so many of these books, I’m sad to see your not interested in them, but I understand that not everyone will like the same books.
    Although, I do agree with you about Twilight (says the girl who’s read it twice… and possibly thinking of re-reading it to see what my adult mind thinks of them 😂).

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    1. Oh no! I didn’t do this on purpose, I promise! 😀 As Bella said, there are just so many new books coming out every single month that the older ones get pushed towards the back of the TBR pile. Besides, my reading tastes keep changing every months, so I might be interested in these sometime in the future.
      I think I’d love Twilight if I had an opportunity to read it when I was a teen, but now that I’ve seen the movies (multiple times! 😀 ) I probably won’t enjoy the books.

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      1. Oh I know that! 😛
        Right?! Every year new books come out, I’ve been trying to get through all the 2016 books that I wanted to read and moving on from there!
        I can understand that about Twilight, it was made for teens so I can see why teens really loved it. I didn’t really care for it, apparently my mum said I enjoyed them I don’t remember haha!

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  8. I recommend All Systems Red, of course, lol! But also Saga, Vol. 4, which I really liked so I think it’s worth reading; The Kite Runner was such a captivating read so I highly recommend it; The Shining is long but it’s so good! It’s one of my fav King novels so far.


  9. I think The Shining was one of Stephen King’s worst novels. I DNF’d it. I loved Twilight, but think the last book was unnecessary. The Kite Runner was a pleasant surprise. I would not have read it if it weren’t for my friend shoving it down my throat. Lol. As for Into the Water. I hate to say it, but it sucked in comparison to Girl On the train. Don’t waste your time 🙂

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