28 Random Facts About Me!

This is going to be a very self-centered post, but Hey! Every once in a while, I think it’s allowed to stop talking books and focus on myself, especially with my 28th birthday coming up this Sunday, May 12th!

I would love to know how you usually celebrate your birthdays. Big loud parties or quiet family dinners?

I used to love my birthdays when I was younger. The excitement of inviting my school friends, creating different games, decorating my room with balloons! During more recent years, I tend to lean more towards family dinners and weekend get-aways. Something quieter and more relaxing than the craziness of hosting dinners.

There are going to be a lot of facts, so I’ll try to keep them short!

1 – My name actually starts with an “O” – Olexandra. At least, that’s what my passport says! “Olexandra” is a Ukrainian version of name Alexandra. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. The good thing is that most people just call me “Alex”. Although, I did have clients who called me “Olex”… hm…

2 – When I was younger, I used to re-read books ALL THE TIME! It was insane. I’d read the same book 10 times in a row. And now I don’t re-read books at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 – I had the habit of reading while eating. But when I say habit, it was more of an obsession! I couldn’t eat without a book. (nowadays I just watch YouTube. Ha-Ha)

4 – I’m an immigrant! This is something I’ve never considered myself to be until I started writing this post. Basically, I was born in Ukraine and lived there until 17-years-old. When I finished high-school, I moved to Algarve, Portugal, where I live now. 🙂

5 – As a result of the previous one, I speak 3 languages fluently. My first language is Russian (I do understand Ukrainian but I’d need a couple of months of practice before I’d be fluent in it). Portuguese and English are both my second languages. At work, I often use both, as we have a lot of foreign clients. And Blogging and reading are exclusively in English.

6 – Sometimes I talk out loud when I’m alone. Okay, this is a pretty big secret obviously, that’s why I’m telling it to the Internet. I wouldn’t call it “talking to myself”, but I enjoy having conversations out loud to structure my thoughts and very often to brainstorm blog post ideas. If you never tried this to help you develop your ideas, I highly recommend!

7 – I was a very quiet child growing up. My favorite pastime was playing with books. This was before I could read properly. I used to have a lot of illustrated books, so I’d pick up a few huge ones with a lot of illustrations and pretend them to be an imaginary world, with houses, forests, villages, etc. And I’d find some small objects – coins, rocks, whatever, and they would live inside those books. (I hope I explained this well, it was a pretty fun game that could last hours!)

8 –I spend too much time on YouTube. Youtube and Instagram are the top two things that devour my time! I can spend HOURS watching bookstagram videos and it’s never enough.

9 – I’ve never broken a bone! Let’s keep this way, shall we?

10 – I graduated from Law School in 2015 and currently I’m a Trainee Lawyer. My job and hobby are so different, and I love it. I get to be very technical during the day, and then let my imagination and inspiration run wild on these pages.

11 – I’m a big fan of video games. And I played World of Warcraft for more than 6 years. This one sounds crazy even to me (6 years?!), but I was a huge World of Warcraft fan. It was of course about the progress and the fun of the game, but also about the community and people I got to meet.

12 – I rarely swear and I hate to see swear words in books. It’s one of the triggers that immediately pulls me out of the story.

13 – Can I be called a Game of Throne fan if I never read the books? Okay, I read the first book. Twice. And I love the TV show! But I couldn’t deal with George R.R. Martin descriptive writing. I might give them another try when the TV show is over.

14 – My boyfriend says that I eat a lot and don’t get fat. According to him, it’s a gift. I might as well enjoy it while I can!

15 – I don’t really listen to music unless it’s radio and I’m driving.

16 – But when I was younger and was watching and re-watching «One Tree Hill», I always wanted to have Peyton’s ginormous vinyl collection. It’s beautiful! But I moved on to book collection instead.

17 – I know we already talked about my love of video games, but this deserves a separate point – I love watching League of Legends tournaments, even though I never played League of Legends!

18 – I’m an early riser. My grandma would be so proud of me right now! During my teenage years, I could sleep until the afternoon, and my grandma would bang on my door every 5 minutes saying “Wake up! It’s almost noon!” 😀

19 – I never liked the romance in Harry Potter books.  It was all about friendship! And then it was ruined by pairing them up with each other. Meh…

20 – My favorite fruit is CHERRY! Nhom. Wait, are cherries fruits or berries?

21 – I also love all the pastry that has cherries. Cherry pies, cherry tarts, cherry cakes, cherry anything.

22 – The first thing I ever baked on my own was a Banana Bread and it turned out delicious!

23 – The cat that often appears on my Instagram pictures is called Rocky. I found him on the street when he was just a tiny kitten teeming with fleas. He was so little that we couldn’t use any strong anti-flea products on him. So my vet gave us a very diluted anti-bugs spray that only slowed them. Every evening I would sit with him on my laps and pull out every single flea I could find. I think he knows how much I love him! This year he was diagnosed with FIV or Feline Aids, and even though it’s not as deathly for cats as it’s for humans, we still need to be very careful and take some extra measures to strengthen his immune system.

24 – I’m 1.80 m or 5.9 feet tall. Which means that I almost never wear heels!

25 –My boyfriend’s name is also Alex. I guess it was a very popular name in the nineties. 😀

26 – I used to hate everything pink. Until I realized that I didn’t really dislike the color, I disliked the fact that “girls are supposed to love pink”. Now, I’m slowly adding some pink touches in my wardrobe.

27 – At the moment, my favorite color is yellow. It always changes. I remember liking lavender many years ago.

28 – I’ve never dyed my hair. Even though I love ginger hair and always wanted to try it out. I guess I don’t feel like dying my roots every single month!

And that’s a wrap! All these weird facts are now going to stay forever on the internet for everyone to see.


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24 thoughts on “28 Random Facts About Me!

  1. Your first language is Russian? My first language is Russian too! I came to the UK when I was 15! I graduated with a law degree too! I never dyed my hair, too! (No, I do not have a boyfriend named Alex, yet) lol Happy forthcoming birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG OMG, that’s so cool!!! 😂
      Did you settle in quickly? Was it a difficult transition for you?

      And thank you 💕 this weekend is going to be busy but I hope to fit in the celebration there somewhere 😅


  2. This was such a cool post!

    I’m really impressed that you speak so many languages. That’s amazing.

    And I preferred the friendships in Harry Potter, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ☺️
      It gets even more fun when I start mix the languages together. Ahah. Or when I remember a certain word in two languages, but can’t remember it in the one I actually need 😅 And then I’m like ‘do you know that… Thing..’ 🤣

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  3. Happy early Birthday! It was my 28th birthday this year as well! I don’t really do much — I like having the time to spend quality time with me, myself and I ha-ha! I DO like going to eat with friend though! We usually go for either sushi or some local vegan restaurants and just go all out 🙂

    I noticed that about your name when I emailed you! What a beautiful name you have ❤

    Ugh … I know one English … that's the one thing I find a big issue in some parts of Canada (at least Southern Ontario) is that learning a second language isn't really enforced too well. We have French, but no one speaks it other than in the capital, Quebec or a few other provinces. And the teachers in my schools sucked … they could barely pronounce it themselves. Now that I live in Ottawa though, I hear French a lot so I hope that helps me at least comprehend it ha-ha!

    I used to be a HUGE gamer — okay, I still like games ha-ha! I just haven't found any good PS4 games I'm enjoying. i actually built two computers (first one I had a lot of help with). I never got into WoW but I did play a lot of Guild Wars and GW2! I want to get a gaming laptop (can't fit a gaming computer in my condo) soon so I can game on Guild Wars again!!

    I hated the romance in the HP books … they all felt forced and unnatural. I just liked the friendship and adventure focus TBH. And man … I'll have to watch my potty mouth if we ever meet lol! I'm bad for swearing … grew up with mechanics and people from the East Coast, who all swear a lot ha-ha! i try to watch it though.

    I loved reading this! I was going to type more but I just noticed how long my comment is already ha-ha! Happy Early Birthday once again, love! ❤

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    1. Thank you, thank you! 💕
      I played some GW2 as well! Not as much as Wow, but I enjoyed the leveling and those puzzle jumpy treasure things 😂 they were so much fun!

      Speaking about French Canadians, you know whose YouTube channel I’ve been obsessed with for the past year or so? Emily Fox! She is a French Canadian. Her accent is funny 🤣 But it made me realise that French is kinda big in Canada. Im sure that if you get some ‘french’ friends, you’ll pick up the language in no time!

      And LOL, cannot imagine you swearing 🤬 Ahahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh i loved those! My friend and I used to also find all the goggle dive spots for the weekly challenges haha!!

        Oooo yes! I’ve heard of her! The big thing with Canada is it really depends on the area you grow up in. But now that I’m in a very English and French speaking living and working environment, i think it’ll get easier!!

        And oh my gosh haha! I never used to … it got worse as I got older. It’s gonna sound SO dumb, but sometimes just saying a swear word when I’m frustrated makes me feel better haha!! I’ve been trying to get better at not swearing though.

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  4. Happy early Birthday!! 💞🎉 Ah this was so fun to read! That’s amazing that you can communicate in 3 languages! Coming from someone who is unilingual it always fascinates me when people can speak another or more than a few!

    Haha, I talk to myself too! It’s funny I did it the other day (I probably did it today and didn’t realize! 😂) but I was trying to leave work and we have to swipe out with a badge and it wasn’t working so I said, out loud, “can I leave please” and then it worked 🙄😂

    I haven’t read all the GoT books but I’ve seen all of the show (minus the new season) and I classify myself as a fan, so I think you are too! I really want to read them all once the show is over too!

    OMG another OTH fan!!!! Sorry, it makes me really excited. My room is red because of Peyton. But I SO agree with you. I wanted her vinyl collection as a teen. Peyton’s birth mother’s collection was my absolute fave though… she had a whole freakin’ room!

    Damn, you’re tall! I’m the opposite, I’m a little shrimp at 5ft. so I must wear heels to appear taller! 😂 Haha, you and your boyfriend are Alex squared! A lot of people were named Meghan in the 90s too as I got called Meghan squared a lot in school 😂
    Last thing! I’ve never dyed my hair either! 😀 I donate my hair … when it’s long enough. I find it so rewarding to do, and it’s effortless!
    Great post! 😀

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    1. Ahahaha, noone called us Alex squared yet! That just made my day 😀

      YAY for OTH! I had the first four seasons on DVD and constantly rewatched them. I think I might find them and watch the first episodes, just for some nostalgic feelings 💕

      When are you planning to watch the last GoT season? There are only two more episodes left.. I’m scared of how many people will die 😢

      The girls that cut my hair always ask if I want to sell /donate. But I’m not sure, I’ve never had short hair before! How much would they need to cut? Does your hair grow out quickly?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, aw! I’m glad my nickname made your day 🙂

        Oh gosh, I’ve been meaning to re-watch the show all year; I re-watch it every other year because it makes me feel safe and I just love it. Reminds me of simpler times 💞

        There’s only 2!!! Part of me is so glad because avoiding spoilers has been so hard, but sad because less to watch 😦
        I plan to watch it when it comes to DVD… which will probably be next year, but I’m okay with waiting because I do it every year! 🙂

        The average length is a minimum of 10-16 inches, I think I donated 17 inches in December 2017. My hair does grow really quickly so a few months later I had shoulder length hair again. I love having sort hair… but then I always miss my long locks… the good thing hair always grows back! I think it’s totally worth it, and it makes you feel good. I’ve done it twice! 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday, Alex! I hope you have a wonderful day 😀
    I’m also very tall haha I’m 1,78m – even though my ID card says 1.74m. I actually have a nice story (not so much for me though, because I love being tall). Basically, my old ID card said I was 1,74m but I had measured myself at home and my dad told me I was 1.78m. When I went to get my new card, the lady measured me and said I was 1,76m but she wanted to take 3 cm off because of my shoes (that were flat!!). She didn’t get her way but if she did it’d look like I had gotten shorter! Yes, I’m annoyed by that 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! ❤
      Ahaha, that's a fun story! Actually that's the thing I always wondered about, for some reasons whenever I need to get measured for ID my height is also lower than it actually is. Is something wrong with their measuring "instruments" or are they the only correct ones??? Hm… 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The lady who got me measured said she doesn’t agree with their way of measuring people and so she took a meauring tape to work and drew a new one on the wall … idk :/

        Liked by 1 person

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