First 10 Books I Reviewed & My favorites!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is very self-promoting! 😀 But I loved going back to the very first posts I’ve ever written for this blog, and seeing how much my writing, reviewing and just style, in general, has changed in the past 3 years.

This March WhimsyPages celebrated its 3 year anniversary with a total of more than 250 posts!

(One blog post takes approximately 3 hours to put together, let’s multiply it by 250. That gives us 750 hours or 31 days of non-stop writing and blogging, during the last three years! That is quite an achievement for me!)

Out of those 250 posts, 118 are reviews! And my very first post on this blog was also a book review. I’m actually very pleased that Reviews take up almost 50% of all posts on my blog. I love writing reviews, discussing books with all of you, and just talk about everything and anything bookish!


(click on the book cover to take you to the review!) BE AWARE OF SPOILERS! Back in the days, I used to include spoilery bits in my reviews. They are all marked as ***SPOILERS***, but make sure you don’t skim through them!

These were the first books I’ve read specifically for the blog, and «Gone Girl» is by far one of my favorite thrillers of all time!

Were these reviews great?
I don’t think they were bad, but my style has definitely changed a lot.
Were these reviews my favorite?
No. I loved writing the «Gone Girl» review and the «Red Queen» as well, but they weren’t the most fun posts I’ve ever done.

Today, I decided to share with you some reviews that I really enjoyed writing!  


«A Time of Blood»
by John Gwynne

The book came out last week, as well as my review. This was my first ever Quiz! If you haven’t done it yet, make sure to find out Which “Of Blood and Bone” character you are!

It was so much fun (and a lot of work) to create. And I’m very happy with the result.

P.S. I’m Team Ben-Elim!


Many people didn’t understand that I actually loved this book! It was not as good as «Martian», but it was still in Andy Weir’s distinct style.

Yes, I didn’t like Jazz Bashara. But having strong feelings against the main character is not always a bad thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

«nyxia unleashed»
by scott reintgen

As I previously reviewed the 1st book in this fantastic Sci-Fi series, and wanted to avoid spoilers, I compiled a list of useful things to use Nyxia for!

What is NYXIA?

It is an alien substance (stone? metal?) discovered in the mines of Eden that can be manipulated with one’s mind.


This whimsical book deserved just as whimsical blog post! Instead of giving my review, I made a guide of all things you need to know if you ever decide to venture into Nevermore!

I have to admit that this was probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing the blog post. 🙂

«ready player one»
by Ernest Cline

One of my other hobbies (for a very long time) used to be video games! I don’t play as much anymore, but I love the trend of “books about video games”.

«Ready Player One» is an amazing book, with equally amazing movie adaptation! So if you wish to read the book or watch the movie, check out the main video games referenced by the author!


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16 thoughts on “First 10 Books I Reviewed & My favorites!

    1. I think I’ll never forget that «Gone Girl» was the first review I’ve ever written 😀 I remember posting it first on Amino app. And after a few weeks of Amino, I thought “hey, why don’t I start a blog?”

      How did you like the rest of “Red Queen” series? I feel like the 1st book was the best, and then it just got worse and worse..


    1. Thank you 🙂 Did you read «Sharp Objects»? It’s still on my TBR. I actually bought it last month and really hope to get to it soon.
      “Dark Places” was a good read too, but not as surprising as «Gone Girl» (for me). I remember myself reading «Gone Girl» with my mouth open in shock, because I did not expect those crazy twists 😀


    1. Ahah, thank you! I was also impressed and also surprised that even after writing almost 200 reviews, it’s still one of the most difficult posts to write… I wonder when I will finally stop staring at blank pages for hours not knowing what to write 😀


    1. Good question! 😀 I think it all goes back to me reading “Gone Girl” and having SO MANY thoughts to share, I just had to talk about it somewhere.
      At that time, Book Amino app was very new and a few YouTubers spoke about it in their videos. I decided to give it a try. And because the community was rather small, my review got picked up right away and was pinned as “featured post” for a few days. So I was able to reach quite a lot of people. (it was pretty amazing 😀 )


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