Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi | 20 Things you should know before venturing into Furthermore


No matter how inviting magical worlds might be, one should never go unprepared and under-informed into the unknown. Especially when the unknown is a large world filled to the brim with mischief, treachery and magical secrets.


It is my job and duty to prepare curious boys and girls like you to the uncontrollable magic of Furthermore, as it is a far more dangerous place than you might let yourself to believe.

20 Furthermore Secrets & Rules

  1.      Furthermore is hungry for magic.
  2.      People of Furthermore do not eat flowers (unlike little Alice), they eat animals, and also little girls, like Alice, that are filled with magic.
  3.      Slumber is the entry point into all of Furthermore. Be careful to not get snatched up by its hungry residents!
  4.      The Sun in Slumber is terribly lazy and always forgets the time. Therefore their village only appears in the dark, as people grew tired of waiting for sunshine.
  5.      You must get clearance before you can leave Slumber. All visitors must carry a ruler filled with time.
  6.      Time is the only thing in Furthermore that is actually regulated.
  7.      Don’t forget to take your visitor’s pamphlets, they might come in handy. And remember to review the Permitted and Prohibited Items list.
  8.      It’s rude to keep the door waiting.


  9.      Important manners in Furthermore: When two people come to visit, both should knock!
  10.  If you ever end up in the village of Still, be aware that speaking, moving and any disruptions at all are not allowed.
  11.  It is always best to float on an empty stomach.


  12.  Don’t be afraid of floating, as falling down would be a rather boring way to die in Furthermore.
  13.  On the crossroads, it’s important to know that Up and Down exists are permanently closed for repair, which drastically decreases the number of options one has.
  14.  Each village in Furthermore has its own set of rules. Be careful to find out what they are before you enter one.
  15.  If you want to get to the next closest village as quickly as possible, you ALWAYS exist downwards.
  16.  Do not follow paper foxes, no matter how cute they might seem!
  17.  Never, ever, sleep without a dream!


  18.  Pick any painting and step in! But choose carefully in case you won’t ever be allowed to leave.
  19.  When looking for anything in Furthermore, make sure to visit the village of Left. Their tradition is to present their visitors with only finest gifts. Beware to not trust anyone and have an escape planned out.
  20.  And finally, the effects of Furthermore, when they cannot be fixed, are always permanent.

Armed with this knowledge and your own Furthermore rulebook, you are now mildly prepared to venture in and start looking for adventures!

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