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No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am always on my phone. There are just so many things to check and do that my phone became a non-replaceable helper when it comes to tracking my TO-DO lists throughout the day, being active on social media, look for inspiration on Pinterest, browse through different lifestyle and bookish blogs, and much more.

Today I am going to share with you the apps I found extremely helpful that I use on daily basis, each one serving its own specific purpose. keep-512

1. Google Keep

This is the newest addition to my app family, and I don’t know why I haven’t downloaded it earlier! I’ve tried so many different apps for organization and to-do lists, all the while there was a Google app sitting and waiting for me to discover it.

It is easy to use, quick to create different lists for different aspects of my life and most importantly it synchronizes with my google account on any PC or laptop I might be working on.

What do I use it for? Shopping lists and blog posts ideas.

There were so many times when I would be at work, or running errands and an idea for a blog post would pop in my mind. By the time I got home, it would be safely gone from my overridden brain, promising to never come back. Now, with Google Keep it’s so easy to write down a few words on the go, and during the weekend or whenever I have time to write, I just open an extra tab on my browser with all those brilliant ideas that failed to escape.


2. WordPress

This is a self-explanatory one. I think all of you have this installed on your phones to easy access blog customization, followed blogs and just easily reply to comments during the day. Also, I recently developed an addiction to constantly check my views stats.

It has a great minimalistic widget for stats and I can’t resist to not have it on my phone’s screen.

What do I use it for? Mostly to reply to your comments and quickly blog hop when I have spare minutes during the day.

unnamed (1)

3. Bloglovin’

I connected my blog to bloglovin’ platform, but that is not why I love this app. I much prefer Bloglovin’ black&white clean aesthetics to WordPress, and the selection of lifestyle blogs is amazing. It’s my constant source of inspiration when it comes to blog posts ideas or just photographs.

What do I use it for? Inspiration and post ideas.

Especially when I get frustrated with my own blog, Bloglovin’ saves me from the deep hole of negativity and offers so many new blogs to discover.


4. Amino

More precisely – Book & Writing Amino. Honestly, the same reason as the previous one. Seeing so much different content just brings back the will to work on my own. Besides, this was where I started posting my first posts before I even created WhimsyPages.

What do I use it for? Inspiration, post ideas and many MANY polls.


5. Snapseed

So many people rave about VSCO, but I just can’t make it work and frankly, it lacks a lot of editing tools that I require to make my photos look somewhat decent.

I don’t even know how long have I been using Snapseed for… A year? A little bit more? It’s great! There is so much you can do with it and I love the possibility of creating my own edits and saving them for later. That alone saved me so much time when editing a batch of photographs for Instagram. I always try to take photos at the same time of the day and have similar lighting, then all I have to do is apply saved edits, tweak a few settings and it is ready to go public.

What do I use it for? Editing photos for Instagram.

I love the Selective tool and possibility to brighten or darken certain areas, without disturbing the general settings.


6. Canva

This is another new app that I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks, but it creates the most aesthetically pleasing pictures for my Instagram Stories. There is a wide range of templates, fonts, and colors that would make any Insta Story look incredible.

What do I use it for? Creating templates for Insta stories.

It also provides an option to post your picture directly to your story. Once again – simple to use and makes a huge impact on impressions and engagement. I will definitely be trying it for my Pinterest posts as well!

What apps did you find useful? Leave your recommendations in the comments down below.

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9 thoughts on “Mobile Apps I use every day | For Blogging, Reading and Bookstagram

      1. That’s funny you say that because I just published a blog post on the never-ending black hole of social media and how I get caught up in it so easily, letting hours and hours pass me unnoticed! And that’s only with Twitter and WordPress! So I may have to wait on joining Amino then!😋


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