The End We Start From by Megan Hunter | A short story or an outline of a novel-to-be?

Let me begin by saying that reading this book was fun, interesting and in all a very weird experience. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about the short story by Megan Hunter and how an hour of your life can change everything!

I received the ARC of «The End We Start From» by Megan Hunter from Netgalley and Grove Press for an honest review. Aaand honestly… I am very confused!

33858905In the midst of a mysterious environmental crisis, as London is submerged below flood waters, a woman gives birth to her first child, Z. Days later, the family are forced to leave their home in search of safety. As they move from place to place, shelter to shelter, their journey traces both fear and wonder as Z’s small fists grasp at the things he sees, as he grows and stretches, thriving and content against all the odds.

This is a story of new motherhood in a terrifying setting: a familiar world made dangerous and unstable, its people forced to become refugees. Startlingly beautiful, Megan Hunter’s The End We Start From is a gripping novel that paints an imagined future as realistic as it is frightening. And yet, though the country is falling apart around them, this family’s world – of new life and new hope – sings with love.

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I feel like this is a type of book you either love or… just don’t get (like me). I saw so many comments and reviews of people saying that they enjoyed this short story so much, that it was emotional and terrifying, and all other good adjectives that you can apply to a novel.

For me it was… weird. Don’t panic yet! Weird does not mean bad! Here is an accurate definition before you all lash out at me:

Strikingly odd or unusual

You might be wondering: Alex, what was so weird about it?

Well, let me tell you (I will try not to spoil anything but considering the length of this book I won’t be able to say a lot)

1 – The first weird thing was the Names. The characters were called by one letter – O, N, R, Z and so on. I actually wonder now if the whole alphabet was there… hm..

2 – The scenes were so short and cut abruptly that it felt like an outline for a bigger novel (especially considering the letters for the names).

3 – There was too much pregnancy / birth / baby things going on and I was not a fan!

My rating:
⭐ / 5

You all know how much I love dystopian, but this just wasn’t for me. If you decide to give it a short (that I think you should totally do because (A) it only takes an hour of your time and (B) I’ve never read anything like this before!) make sure to share your thoughts here!

With love,



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