Most Anticipated Releases | October 2017

 I’ve been loving this monthly “meme” of mine – looking for new releases, see what everyone else is excited about and just staying on top of the bookish market. So of course October was not going to be an exception and here I am once more to list all of the new books I am the most excited about!

We had a massive influx of new and exciting books in September, and October is kind of falling behind, not being able to weigh up to September’s hype. But that is alright, we, readers, do need calmer months to make sure we have the time to read ALL OF THOSE BOOKS!

I’m just excited that it’s October and I get to autumnify my blog and my Instagram, even though the weather is not agreeing with me just yet.

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First and probably the most exciting book that comes out this month is «Origin» by Dan Brown! I ADORE Dan Brown books. Da Vinci’s Code was one of the those books that I read and re-read times and times again. I think I even memorized a few passages from reading them so many times! Obviously I am beyond happy to get my hands to his new book.

This is yet another book about Robert Langdon unraveling of mysteries. From the blurb, it sounds like it’s more on the scientific side and Dan Brown wrote some great books based on Science inventions, however my favourite ones will always be art and books related.

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Another book (that I actually already read!) is «Gray Wolf Island» by Tracey Neithercott. Just look at the cover and tell me if you are not compelled to dive right into it! This is a treasure hunt and adventure featuring a group of teens. We don’t see many YA adventures / treasure hunts, usually these plot lines are left for middle grade. Tracey did a great job creating a very dark and thrilling story. Definitely, look out for this one!

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The third book that deserves to be on this list is «Satellite» by Nick Lake. I’m still in my Sci-fi / Dystopian phase and everything remotely related to it is automatically on my radar. This book sounds very interesting! Leo, Orion and Libra were all born on Moon 2, space station that orbits around Earth. And now they are finally preparing to make their first trip to Earth! I can only imagine the many possible things that could go wrong.

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My next pick is «The Tethered Mage» by Melissa Caruso. Once again, the cover is absolutely stunning. I discovered that I love yellow. This is the first book of the new fantasy series. Magic, battles, heiress – these all sound great to me!

It is a short list this month. Maybe I missed something? Let me know in the comments what release you are the most excited about!

With love, Alex


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