September Wrap Up | Not the greatest reading month!

The second half of 2017 has been very slow in terms of reading. I powered through many books in the beginning of the year and then it all started to go down hill. I have been reading but I don’t feel like I’ve been reading enough, if that makes sense.

First of all, let’s take a look at my September goals that I set up for myself in the beginning of the month:

read 5 ARCs

ARCs are always a priority for me. I deal with deadlines as efficiently as I can and try to read my ARCs before the publication date. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails but it keeps me sane to know that I meet at least 80% of my deadlines!

It was no surprise for me that I read 6 ARCs this month and 4 of the reviews re already up on my blog, the 5th one is coming later this week. My sanity didn’t suffer in the month of September!

read 2 books from my physical TBR X

Unfortunately, I’ve read only one book from my physical TBR – «The Last Star» by Rick Yancey which also counts to my later goal to finish at least one series! 

read at least 1 fantasy book

Mission accomplished! One of my ARCs – «Heir of Illaria» was a fantasy and totally counts towards this goal!


continue reading or finish at least one series


stay on track with my NetGalley and GoodReads reviews

There are only two reviews that I haven’t posted on my NetGalley and GoodReads pages, but I am totally doing it before this post goes live, so I am counting this one as well.

I’m really hoping that October will be a better reading month for me and will finally pull me out of my horrific reading slump!

With love, Alex

8 thoughts on “September Wrap Up | Not the greatest reading month!

  1. I need to get better about posting my reviews to Goodreads. I haven’t done that in ages. I think you did pretty well this month, it’s always too easy to be hard on yourself. Good luck with October 💛

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