10 Reasons why you should read more Post-Apocalyptic Books!

Autumn is one of the best reading seasons – we finally start to pull out cosy blankets from the closets and light our candles (my first sandalwood candle of this seasons is burning right now as I am writing this post). There is nothing quite like the sound of wind and rain, grey clouds and mist, while travelling to the epic kingdoms, other planets or scary future Earth.

If that doesn’t sound perfect, I don’t know what does!

In the spirit of upcoming rainy days, here is a list of all reasons WHY YOU SHOULD READ MORE POST-APOCALYPTIC BOOKS. I’ve been ranting on and on about my love towards Sci-fi and Dystopian books, because frankly Utopia does not sound that interesting to read about! I mean, the perfect society is kind of boring.

Don’t you agree?

Besides, there are so many things you could learn from these books! Let’s begin!

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1 – AUTHORS WILL NEVER FAIL TO SURPRISE YOU. It seems that they can come up with endless renditions of apocalyptic Earth and at least 80% of the times we are responsible for it. This offer some food for thought, doesn’t it?

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2 – OUR WORLD IS GOING DOWN! There is no better way to relate to the events when they happen in OUR world, during OUR time. It’s not some distant Kingdom that no-one ever heard about, it’s not the spin off on historical events, it’s happening right here and right now. How thrilling!

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3 – TOUGH CHARACTERS. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons why I love dystopian novels. The weak don’t survive in harsh conditions. We are given the toughest characters who are able to endure all challenges presented before them.

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4 – THEY ARE TESTED TO THEIR VERY LIMIT. And not just physically, however hunger and thirst are usually always present, as well as numerous wounds and illnesses. But most importantly, their morals and values are under constant pressure. Difficult decisions and choices, anything to survive, but is it worth it to live but lose your humanity?

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5 – IT’S NOT JUST A NOVEL, IT’S ALSO A SURVIVAL MANUAL. That’s right, we learn all those necessary skills to survive in case of apocalypsis. For example, how to make an alien fall in love with you, or how to stay witty and funny during the end of the world, or how to not trust strangers. There are plenty of lessons for all of us to assimilate!

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6 – THE MOST INVENTIVE WAYS TO STAY ALIVE. Humankind has a very strong survival instinct, especially when their life is hanging on a thread. They come up with the most interesting, sometimes scary, ways to stay alive. And it is yet another thing we can learn from them!

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7 – WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF BUNKERS and begin to build one, lined with rows and rows of books, of course. We don’t want a boring bunker that only has food and no books. That is also the point when we realise how important it is to have endless TBR of unread books! Imagine what would happen if you only had 20 unread books and no way to buy any new ones?!?! Run outside to buy those books you always wanted without feeling guilty about it! You are welcome.

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8 – WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THICK HEAVY BOOKS. I for once have no idea how to use a gun or even where to get it. But! That doesn’t mean that I have to stay undefended when Walkers start pouring into my bunker! I’m sure my heaviest book will be able to crush their skulls just as good as any other weapon.

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9 – THE FEELING OF BEING IN DANGER, WITHOUT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING IT! This one is amazing! All those thrilling emotions that the book gives us, but we are actually sitting safe in a comfortable chair, under cosy blanket while sipping on a hot beverage and reading how people die of thirst and hunger. Great, huh!

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10 – THE MOST INTERESTING & EXCITING PLOTS. As a conclusion to all of the reasons above, I can assure you that Post-Apocalyptic books are the most exciting and thrilling. If you don’t believe me, try for yourself!

When you can come up with 10 reasons why you should read a certain genre, it is safe to say that you absolutely in love with it and cannot stop talking about your obsession!

What genre is your favourite and how many reasons can you find to persuade someone to read it?

With love, Alex


9 thoughts on “10 Reasons why you should read more Post-Apocalyptic Books!

  1. Post-apocalyptic books are possibly my fave to read, so I love this post 🙂
    No 8 on your list made me smile, because I can’t seem to keep away from massive books (currently reading a 900+ page Stephen King) so I’d definitely find them useful in case of apocalypsis (great word btw!)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I first read IT on my ereader, so it was a surprise seeing just how huge that book was in real life; just looking at it made my hands ache 😂. The Stand is good for post-apocalypse but that’s even longer.


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