My rating system | Does it really work?

This is a very long-coming post. Usually, when people start a book blog, rating protocol is one of the first things they think about. Afterall, that is what you will be doing for the most part of the blog – reviewing and rating books. On almost every blog you can find the rating system and its explanation to help people situate themselves within the wide array of stars, roses, tea cups and other symbols picked by thousands of book bloggers.

It took me over a year to figure out what exactly I want my ratings to represent.

Now that I feel more or less confident about it, I can finally share the concealed thoughts behind those stars with all of you!

Firstly, If you have been following me for a while, you know that I stick to GoodReads’ rating system in terms of using from 1 to 5 stars and no half measures.

Secondly, I usually try to look for negative and positive things about the book, I’ve even started doing the Pros vs Cons table for some of my reviews to summarize my experience.

So, here is how my review system looks:jdhgskgStep #1:

The scale represents the positive and negative things that stood out for me which helps decide what rating to give to the book, depending whether the book tips the scale or it stays even.

Step #2:

However, this is not always accurate and I had to take my feelings into consideration while reading the book. Did I enjoy it? Was it captivating? Was it a quick read for me? Did it make me feel anything at all?

And this is when the thumbs up and down come into place. The book under reviewing can have many negative things that outweigh the positives, but I might have enjoyed it quite a lot. Maybe it made me think about things I haven’t given a deeper thought before, or it made me smile, or cry. Then I’d give it a little bit higher rating.

I was rating books mostly intuitively and often there was this problem of: “So many things were wrong, but I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH! What do I do now?!”giphyFor me, this system has been working for almost a year and represent most accurately my objective and subjective opinions on the particular book.

Hopefully, the system didn’t take too long to make sense!

How would you explain your rating system? Do you rely purely on your emotions? Let me know in the comments down below!

With love,


P.S: I am obsessed with my new Skandinavisk candle!

8 thoughts on “My rating system | Does it really work?

  1. I like your rating system. I use a star system too and I have to look at the positive and negative aspects of the book as well. For me, it’s a little less mathematical and more the degree to which the thing in question annoys me. If there’s a book I couldn’t imagine any other way it gets five stars. If it’s okay except for some slight frustrations then it gets four stars. If it’s a mix and I didn’t LOVE it but I didn’t want to shake sense into the main character it gets three stars. If I don’t like the main character and don’t feel like the plot gelled, two stars. I don’t think I’ve ever rated a book one star, but I would have to see nothing but problems and plotholes.

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  2. This is a really unique rating system and I really love it! I love how much thought goes into what you rate it! I use the Goodreads rating & I only rate books on Goodreads not my blog just because I feel too pressured to do it, on Goodreads you kinda have to rate the book you read, plus it kinda helps me keep track of what I really liked & didn’t like. Although I rate a lot of thing 3 stars just because I like a lot of books, but I don’t love a lot of books I read.

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    1. Thank you ❤ It took me over a year to figure this out 😀

      I like GoodReads rating system, but I am not a fan of the new addition to NetGalley where they put "I recommend it" or "I don't recommend it", etc, next to your reviews, because some of them are not very compatible with my rating system…

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  3. This is a really smart system! It makes a lot of sense! I only rate books of Goodreads and it always feels so arbitrary! On my blog I just like to point out things I liked and things I disliked about a book and then my overall opinion. I have such a hard time coming up with a rating system for myself that works that I just don’t rate them. Your method seems very logical!

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    1. It might be TOO logical 😀 but thank you!

      It was very difficult for me to create that “rating system” explanation on my blog because I never knew what those stars actually stood for. After rating numerous books, it sort of just clicked 😀 and now it all makes sense to me.


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