Just Another Week in Suburbia by Les Zig | What do you do when life gets crazy?

This was purely a request on a whim, I even read the excerpt (which I usually never do) before requesting this book. The first couple of paragraphs completely caught my attention and there was no turning back.

I am so happy for NetGalley suggestions, sometimes it feels like the website knows me better than I do.

Casper Gray goes to bed a happily married man.

He wakes up questioning whether everything is a lie.

Life in suburbia holds few surprises for Casper. He and his wife Jane are still trying for a baby after seven years. His neighbours have their quirks to be navigated. And his job as a high school teacher, while satisfying, comes with its challenges.

Every day is much like the one before that is, until Casper makes a discovery that threatens everything he knows…

As Casper ‘s fears grows into obsessions, his world starts to unravel.

Just Another Week in Suburbia is a story about love, trust, and insecurity, and the question of whether you can ever really know another person.

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Casper Gray was a very interesting character to read about. He is married to Jane for almost 7 years. They have the type of life people would expect you to have – a house in suburbs, mortgages, savings, jobs, a dog. But was it a happy life to lead? Was it the right life to build?

The night Casper finds a condom in Jane’s purse changes everything. He starts to question his entire life. After being with someone for nearly a decade, you build a life for each other. There are common friends and family and Christmases together. What would you do when the life you once knew ends? And does it have to end?

We all have these moments (more often than not) when life gets crazy, when everything is happening at the same time, making it difficult to cope. Casper was going through a very hard week and it was an intense journey through 300 pages!giphy (1)As the blurb says, this book is not about the events but about fears, insecurities and emotions. About doubting yourself and questioning others. About the truth and whether you can trust someone without any hesitation.

Another thing that was important for me is that the various intimate scenes did not feel disgusting to read about. Yes, it is an adult book. Yes, you can see that it was written by a man. But the choice of words and settings didn’t make me wrinkle my nose in disgust, unlike some books did. I appreciate that.

My rating:

⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

Thank you NetGalley and Pantera Press for the ARC of this book. Would highly recommend this to anyone (old enough to read it!) and interested in analysing human’s emotions especially during the most stressful and fearful circumstances.

Have you read any great General Fiction this year? Let me know in the comments down below!

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